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A New Classic: The Fashion Week Makeup Trend That You'll Be Wearing 10 Years From Now

Beauty trends come and go (some not as quickly as we’d like!). And then… then there are the fabulous perennials. They return each season with a slight twist. The red lip has always been a runway favorite but this season it was all about context.
In stark contrast to the no-makeup makeup looks on countless Fall/Winter 2012 runways (ummmm…. snooze-fest!), the perfectly painted red pout paired with porcelain skin seriously popped. A major departure as well from the 70s and 80s inspired full face applications we’d been seeing (color on eye, cheek AND lip), cherry red kissers looked fresh on a bare face created by an even canvas of matte foundation in an exact skin match or one shade lighter (think: Twilight + pinup) Spotted at Wes Gordon, Gucci, Jill Sander and Ralph Lauren to name a handful, the fall/winter 2012 red lip was strongly crafted, defined, and highly saturated.
Make a lip statement now and forever with these five simple tips:
  • Always exfoliate lips prior to wearing bold or matte lipcolor.
  • Apply lipcolor using precise brush strokes versus straight from the tube.
  •  Detail edges with concealer on a synthetic bristle brush (this will also stop feathering/bleeding).
  • Balance and anchor the face by filling in the brows.
  • Use a straw when sipping to avoid constant reapplication.


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