Jan 11, 2011
Unless you're working in a Hallmark store on Valentine's Day, it generally considered a fashion no-no to wear pink and red together. But at last night's premiere of "The Green Hornet" in Los Angeles, a vivacious Cameron Diaz shattered that rule when she showed up on the red carpet looking drop dead gorg in a slinky scarlet Azzaro dress and bright pink cheeks and lips. How is it that this once-taboo combination looks so gorgeous on Cam? Because she followed these four guidelines: 1. Match your tones. Cameron's dress is a blue-based color—and so are her lipstick and blush. If you stick with all cool or all warm tones, the red and pink won't clash. 2. Think bright. This may sound counterintuitive, but part of why this combo works is the vividness of both her dress and her makeup. If Cameron had mixed dark red with deep fuchsia, it would have been too severe. By pairing two vibrant hues together, the look feels flirty and young. 3. Avoid shimmer. These two fiery colors draw enough attention on their own—add any shine or sparkle to the mix, and you verge into showgirl territory. Cameron keeps things sophisticated by choosing matte textures for her blush, lipstick—and her dress. And on that note... 4. Keep your outfit simple. Along with your makeup, your clothing shouldn't have any bells or whistles if you want this look to be chic. Skip anything with texture or pattens and go with a solid, shine-free dress material as Cameron did. PHOTOS FROM JUSTJARED.COM


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