Dec 2, 2010
[youtube=] Lisa Eldridge is quickly becoming one of my favorite video makeup artists. Not only does her gentle voice make everything she describes sound utterly divine (she's like the Morgan Freeman of video MUAs), but each look she creates feels stylish and sophisticated—even when it's fantasy makeup. I recently posted a behind-the-scenes video from her "Seeing Stars" British Vogue shoot with model Frida Gustavsson, and as a follow up, check out this whimsical tutorial inspired by the story. Using two kinds of Shu Uemura Flare false lashes, black liquid liner, and glue-on stars, Lisa designs a look that's both dreamy and slightly punky—all in less than four minutes. Even if you'd never wear makeup this wild, watching her create it is just good fun. And on her website, she gives the following advice for how to tone things down: "If you like the look but find it too much, the good news is that it's super easy to adapt by simply applying less extended liner—particularly at the inner corners (especially if your eyes are more close set). Alternatively just apply a classic kitten flick liner and strip lashes on the top before applying the stars for a sophisticated but fun party look," she says.


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