Nov 17, 2010
Makeup gaffs happen to even the most gorgeous girls. Case in point: Leighton Meester. As the ladies over Bella Sugar pointed out, she wore a less-than-flattering metallic magenta lipstick to an event last night in New York City. Not only does the startling color age the young starlet, but it also robs her skin of its natural glow and makes her look a little tired (compare the above photo to this picture of her taken just a little over a week ago to see what I mean). Here are a few rules of thumb (or should I say, mouth) to avoid a purple lips washout: 1. If you're going to wear an intense shade, choose a sheer formula. (This is key if you have fair skin.) You'll get the brightness without the severity. And avoid metallic finishes, which look outdated. 2. Dab—don't swipe—on the color. Use your finger or a lip brush to dab on the color gradually so you don't overdo it. 3. Don't neglect your eyes. Part of the reason why Leighton looks washed out here is because she doesn't appear to have on any eye makeup. As with any strong lip color, you need to balance things out by softly defining your eyes. Try smudging brown eyeliner along your top and bottom lash lines and sweeping a sheer, matte brown shadow just on your lids. Finish with a few coats of black mascara. PHOTO FROM BELLA SUGAR


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