accessorized hairstyles Have you ever seen a hairstyle and thought, “Hm…something’s missing”? (If it’s just us, we’ll blame our constant case of beauty-brain). We think accessorizing shouldn’t just be limited to your neck, wrists and fingers – no, your locks deserve to be accented, too. A little sparkle here, a pop of color there…adding a hair accessory (or two) can add some much-needed pizzazz to your locks and will have you turning heads at your next stylish soiree. Below, a roundup of our three favorite hairstyles from this month that – in our humble opinion – look infinitely better accessorized.

1. Pinned-Back Waves

You could use bobby pins to pin back your hair…or you could use ombré bobby pins to pin back your hair. We’re going to go with the latter – they’re a gorgeous, modern addition to the sleek retro-style waves the model has going on. Click here for the how-to.

2. Undone Braided Side Bun

We love the juxtaposition between the gorgeous headband and the undone braided bun in this look. When all else fails you, sparkle will still be there for you – and we say the more, the better when it comes to accessorizing this cute tousled hairstyle. Can’t wait to try this look out on yourself? We’ve got a step-by-step tutorial for you.

3. Jeweled Half-Up Twist

Simplicity is key here – but a little glint of jewels never hurt anyone. Repurposing jewelry as hair accessories? Why not! We took an elegant brooch and used it to add the final, glamorous touch to this sweet and simple hairstyle. Here’s how to recreate the look.   Which of these looks is your favorite? How do you accessorize your hairstyles? Sound off in the comments!   Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography Models: Faith Xue, Alicia Baker, Summer Hammeras


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