Here at MDC, we love calling upon top beauty pros to share advice on everything from hair, makeup and skin care. Today, we are thrilled to have Los Angeles-based skincare expert Stacy Cox sound off on antiaging action for all you 20- and 30-somethings! 

Age is such an interesting topic depending on which side of the fence you're on. Most women in their 20s and 30s are fairly carefree and comfortable with their complexions, as they should be. However, age, sun damage and hormones can creep on you, so my advice is this: Prevention is worth a pound of cure. While the phrase may be cliche, it is also completely true when it comes to the aging process. Bearing this in mind, I want to help you map out a plan of action that addresses the different stages of aging from your 20s to your 30s. Let’s pin point where we're at, and what we need to change to be as preventive as possible.

Antiaging regimens for 20s and 30s

 Your 20s

Ah, the golden years. Even on a bad day, your collagen- and elastin-producing skin is still looking pretty gosh darn fierce. Sun damage you accumulate during this decade won’t kick in for another 10 years, so you are still in the clear. However, on the other hand, you may be dealing with different types of unpleasantries like adult acne, which can be rough on your self confidence and simply cramps your style. 

Plan of Attack: Prevention. I know I’ve mentioned this word already, but I’m saying it again to really drive it home. Now is the time to be proactive. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen -- every day. This is also the time to create a preventative (there’s that word again) beauty regimen. If you train yourself now, your discipline and efforts will serve you well -- for starters, it will shave years off your appearance! 

Skincare Essentials: Invest in an electric face brush like a Clarisonic Aria.  It's the ultimate face-cleansing tool that cleanses six times better than the hands-only approach! Not only does it prevent icky bacteria and impurities from building up on your face and clogging your pores, but this brush’s exceptional cleansing abilities also allow skincare products to absorb better.

Since one of your main mortal enemies at this age is oil, keep your face free from it by employing handy helpers like blotting papers. Products like The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissue, prevent oil from settling on top of your skin and combat the formation of acne-causing bacteria. 

Your 30s

These years can be pretty liberating. By now, you've grown into your body and your individual look and are probably pretty comfortable with who you are. You've figured out what skin care works for you, as well as what your go-to cosmetics are. Life for the most part is pretty sweet. However, on the other hand, the sun damage you accumulated in your carefree 20s, is now in full swing and has manifested in the form of hyperpigmentation. Skin cell turnover and collagen production are also beginning to slow down, setting the stage for wrinkles. 

Plan of Attack: Pamper Your Skin and Yourself. Now is the time to go the extra mile for your skin -- and yourself. Equip yourself with skin-saving products that will pack your complexion with nutrients and much-needed hydration (see my recommendations below). Stress can be a big contributor in premature aging, so do your body some good by managing that stress with a weekly or daily yoga class and regular meditation. 

Skincare Essentials: If you haven’t already, add an anti-aging serum and night cream to your skincare regimen. For firmer, smoother and more radiant skin, I recommend L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum and the line’s Night Cream counterpart. Don’t let your face get all the love! Try a body-firming product like Biotherm Firm Corrector to promote a more youthful, supple body, whether your post-pregnancy or just feeling like you need a little extra T.L.C. 

What are your tricks to keep your skin youthful through your 20s and 30s? Tell us in the comments below. 

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