Mar 12, 2010

Do you love fashion as much as you love beauty? Have you reviewed all of the Fall fashion shows on If so, what show had the best makeup? We're still going through all of Style's show coverage, but when WWD landed on our desks with Balenciaga on the cover, our eyes went straight to...the pastel eyebrows! The clothes were fabulous, but the makeup was amazing. It ranged from pretty with an almost airbrushed perfection to really out there, courtesy of some pastel makeup.It was a continuation of Charlotte Willer's super-cool baby blue lashes at DKNY last season, which she created with some Maybelline eyeshadow and Vaseline. Bubblegum pink brows or even last season's nude eyebrows might be a bit much, but here's a fun trick, which comes from the late, great Kevyn Aucoin. Groom and fill in your brows as you normally would. As the final step, take a gold eyeshadow or gold shimmery mascara (shimmer, not glitter!) and brush right on top of your eyebrows, from beginning to end. The result--some highlight and shimmer where you least expect it.  Are you ready to experiment with your brows? PHOTOS FROM STYLE.COM



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