Diana Crisan Jan 22, 2015

Fedoras, floppies, beanies, boaters, berets, bowlers, caps and even cowboys — we love, love, love accessorizing with ALL kinds of hats! They can somehow magically (and effortlessly) bring an entire outfit together, and let’s not even forget how everyone notices when you wear a stylish hat out to brunch. They’re perfect for covering up a bad hair day, weathering the elements, keeping bangs in place and did we mention that they just look so darn cute? While we could go on and on listing the positives, there is ONE downside to this chic statement piece — the ever-so-frustrating HAT HAIR! Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid the flat, yet somehow still frizzy look. Here’s how!

hat hair

DRY Hair, Don’t Care

If at first you don’t succeed, dry, dry again. But, no seriously, dry your hair like there’s no tomorrow because damp or wet hair will take on the shape of your hat as it begins to dry. So, once that hat comes off, the bowl cut comes on. Prevent this fashion faux pas by thoroughly blow drying your hair the right way or speed up the air dry process before placing that hat on your head!

Less Is More

In the world of hair products, using less will land you the perfectly tamed, frizz-free strands you’re aiming for. Too much product means too much gunk — leaving your hair with a wet, sticky feel that can easily be shaped and manipulated by your hat.

Heat Is Your Friend

Finally, right? Curling or straightening your mane will help lock in that shape to prevent weird hair bumps that come with the hat territory. Just be sure to use a heat-protectant first like Garnier Sleek & Shine Sleek Primer Style Prep.

Take It Off

The hat, that is! Giving your hair a mini hat break for a good fluffing is the way to go. Spritz some dry shampoo in there to maintain volume or just flip your head upside down and fluff your stuff whenever you step indoors (or take a bathroom break — no fluffing over lunch!). 

What are some of your tricks to avoiding hat hair? We’d love to know in the comments below! 



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