Life can be awkward enough without the responsibility of knowing how much to tip your aesthetician or how naked is truly appropriate during a massage or even a spray tan. Bottoms on, top off? Fully nude? — Either way, forever awkward! Not to mention how uncomfortable it can be trying to dump your hairdresser thanks to their botched scissor work or unintentional green dye job. Well, the good news is that while these tricky situations might be unavoidable, they are oh-so-very worth the moment or two of discomfort they may bring. Luckily, MDC is here to help you work your way out of a beauty pickle like a pro.

awkward beauty situations

Do you get naked for a massage or facial? What if you’re wearing a dress?
LA-based aesthetician and massage therapist, Michael Whitfield, who goes by the nickname “Seven,” says that it’s most important that his clients be comfortable. “If they are receiving a massage, I usually ask them to get undressed and let them know that they will be appropriately draped at all times. In some cases, they will ask ‘Do I take all of my clothes off?’ To which I respond that most people do, but it’s perfectly fine if they want to leave their underwear on — whatever makes them most relaxed.”

In regards to a facial, Whitfield says, “They definitely do not need to be naked. I let them know that when I leave the room they should remove their top and pull their bra straps down to the sides; this makes it easier when I massage the neck, shoulders and decolletage. If they are wearing a dress, they do usually remove it, but the bra and panties remain.”

How do you politely get your massage therapist or aesthetician to stop being a Chatty Cathy?
We suggest letting them know (nicely, of course!) that you’ve had a long day and just want some quiet time to unwind. A professional should be able to pick up on your silent vibes and just focus their energy on delivering a soothing experience. Whitfield suggests saying something along the lines of, “You know, you are very nice, but I have to let you know that I spend all day talking to people as part of my job, and right now I really don't want to talk. I just want to relax and enjoy your treatment. I hope that's okay.” If all else fails, we suggest pretending you’re asleep (Zzzz)!

What should you wear for a spray tan?
This one really depends on whether or not you’re a fan of tan lines ... and how comfortable you are with being in your birthday suit. Just like waxing professionals, your spray tan technician has most definitely seen plenty of lady bits, so feel free to bare it all, or wear a bathing suit if you’d like to cover up “the essentials.” Beauty expert and spray tan specialist, Elyse Reneau, says that it's not weird either way. “It's all about what makes it a more comfortable experience for the individual,” she says. MDC Quick Tip: Be sure to shave and exfoliate with a light scrub like The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish before your spray tan session for longer lasting results! 

Can you bring your own makeup to a professional application appointment?
We get it — you love your Urban Decay Eyeshadow collection too! And when certain products work, they really work! Our gal, Reneau says that if you have sensitive skin and know what you like, bringing your own makeup is no problem — although your makeup artist might still suggest something they think will work better.

You dont like your cut or color. Now what?
Holding back tears in your stylist’s chair is nearly impossible once your hour-long (sometimes longer!) hair journey is nothing short of disappointing. What were they thinking?! More importantly, what do you do? LA-based stylist, Anna Wiles tells us exactly what we want to hear — “You should absolutely not pay or leave until you’re happy.” A bad hair job is upsetting enough, but shelling out tons of cash for it can feel even worse. “You just have to be honest,” says Wiles. Honesty is the best policy in this situation, because let’s face it, pretending you’re fine isn’t going to fix your hair.

How do you properly break up with your hairdresser?
One too many mistakes and you’re just not a satisfied customer anymore? Wiles compares the special bond between the right stylist and client to a personal relationship. “As a hairdresser, we don’t take it personally. Like with a significant other, you “date around” until you find someone you’re compatible with. In order to be happy with your hair, you need to find someone who understands you and is on the same wavelength creatively. The easiest way to tell your hairstylist that it isn’t working out, is to just simply say, ‘I don’t think we communicate very well.’ Breakups can be hard, but unflattering hair can be harder. If things aren’t working out, it’s time to pack up and move along!

Are there any awkward beauty situations youve been caught in? Let us know in the comments below! 

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