Ahhh, bachelorette parties. Whether it’s a crazy weekend in Vegas or just you and your girls hitting up the neighborhood dive bar, the end goal is usually to get a little out of control. But in the age of Facebook and Instagram, the one thing you don’t want to get out of control is the way you look. Those pictures of you and your friends dancing on the tables will definitely surface at some point, so the least you can do is make sure your hair and makeup are on fleek, right? Right. Read on for all our tips and tricks to get you through the night. We can’t say the same thing about the morning.

bachelorette hair and makeup
Long-Lasting, Sweat-Proof Makeup

Think of it like you’re preparing your face for the apocalypse. OK, so maybe that’s a tad extreme. But really, bachelorette parties are one of those times when you never quite know what’s going to happen. You might dance (and sweat) all night. You might take one more tequila shot than absolutely necessary. You might end up just deciding to jump into the hotel pool fully clothed. Who knows? The point is you should be ready. Let us break it down for you:

Girls' Night Out Makeup Looks

OK, now that we’ve covered the basics for making sure your makeup will stay put, here are some different makeup looks perfect for a big girls’ night out.

1. The Rock Doll. This smoky-eyed makeup tutorial is pretty perfect for a bachelorette party.

smoky eye rock doll makeup
2. Supermodel Makeup. Because who doesn’t want glowing skin and a striking cat eye?

supermodel makeup and hair

3. Upper Eastside Beauty. Red lips, shimmery nude eyes — this look is stunning.

bold lip makeup
Still need some inspiration? Check out this tutorial on makeup looks for dark places.

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Hot Hairstyles That Will Stay Put

Finding a hairstyle that looks great all night long? The struggle is real, ladies. But we’ve got some sweet styles that will do the trick.

Here are some hairstyles we recommend:

Messy Updos

messy chignon bun
This messy chignon tutorial is great for a long night out on the town because it’s meant to look a little messy. If a few hairs fall out of place, it’s no problem!

Add some oomph to a ponytail, and you’ve got a sexy, sleek look that will last all night. The messier the pony, the better, in fact!

And, of course, there’s always the classic messy bun. Just like the messy chignon, if a piece is out of place, it’s fine. It’s super easy to do and looks good on just about anyone.

Sleek Updos

slicked back hair

One sure-fire way to make sure every single hair stays in place all night long? Just add some hair gel! If the mention of hair gel brought you back to the days of tween boys with spiky hair and frosted tips, we hear you. But don’t worry, these three slicked-back hair tutorials are super chic and wearable.

Short Hair

short hair different occasions
Short-haired girls, we haven’t forgotten about you! Here are our favorite hairstyle ideas for short hair!

Make Sure Your Hair Stays in Place

And just for good measure, be sure to check out these tips for making sure hair stays in place:

Now you should be all set to celebrate the bride-to-be (or yourself, if it’s your big day!) All photographic proof of the evening will show you in the best light. And for the brunch the following morning? Well, here’s our guide for how to use makeup to look a little less hungover.

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