bad skin habits Let’s face it.  We’re all guilty of falling into a beauty routine (or lack thereof) that just isn’t doing it for us.  Even worse?  Our routine might even be harming our skin.  What to do?  The first step to recovery is to cut these bad habits…now! Keep reading for the top five skin sins and see if you’re guilty…

Skin Sin #1: Not using SPF 30 on your face – EVERYDAY

Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis helps prevent blotchiness, brown spots, skin discolorations and facial red veins.  Still making excuses?  How about the fact that the ozone layer is depleting every year and your body needs assistance with blocking out the sun’s rays?  If THAT still doesn’t convince you to slab on the white stuff, then let me leave you with two words: Skin cancer.  Enough said.

Skin sin #2: Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

The thought of using a dirty dishrag to wash your dishes is pretty gross, right? The same idea goes for using dirty makeup brushes.  Imagine all of the bacteria building up inside your pores, causing possible bacterial infections and pimples – not to mention creating muddied colors on your face.  Take five minutes once a week to clean your brushes with a gentle shampoo, rinse well and let them dry overnight. TIP: Here’s MDC’s guide on how to clean your makeup brushes the right way.

Skin sin #3: Skipping a night (or two, or three) of washing your face

Yup, I’m going to let you in a little secret and you’re not going to like it: Your mom was right…you HAVE to wash your face before you hit the hay.  No exceptions!  Letting skin stew in makeup and oil buildup leads to nothing but problems like clogged pores, dull skin and even acne breakouts.  Why is washing your face at night so important?  When your body is at rest, its temperature rises slightly and absorbs all of the nutrients you put on your face.  So next time you drag yourself back in the house at 2:00 AM from a long night out and feel tempted to just go straight to bed, just remind yourself you’re bringing the whole day’s dirt, grime and oil in bed with you!

Skin sin #4: Over-Scrubbing

And then there is the other end of the spectrum—over washing!  Have you ever heard of the saying “too much of a good thing?”  As weird as it may sound, there is such thing as over-exfoliating your face.  In fact, when you do, it actually causes the over-production of oil and your skin’s breakouts can even worsen by spreading bacteria.  Instead, exfoliate two to three times a week or use a gentle glycolic as an alternative.

Skin sin #5:  Popping Pimples

I completely understand.  Picking at a zit is the most tempting thing.  Ever.  But the reality is that squeezing a pimple actually pushes the bacteria deeper into the skin, which can cause inflammation.  Even worse?  The life span of the pimple can actually increase!  Who wants that?  No matter how much you want to, avoid touching blemishes.  Yes, there are over the counter remedies with benzoyl peroxide that you can try, but if the stubborn thing still won’t go away, make an appointment to see your dermatologist who can take the swelling down with a cortisone shot.   There you have it, my beauties.  The next step to recovering from a incorrect skincare routine is acknowledging that change – although sometimes scary – can be for the best!   Are you guilty of any of these skin sins? Tell us in the comments!


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