Marisa Petrarca Oct 31, 2017

To our fellow Halloween procrastinators: This is the on-trend makeup look to try tonight.

There’s no doubt that we’re living in a weird world in which trippy, reverse cat eye makeup exists, along with LED lashes, squiggly brows and  — unfortunately — nose hair extensions (sigh). Since we’re practically always waiting for a brand new bizarre trend to blow up on Reddit that scares us and impresses us at the same time, we were hesitant to allow the bat eyeliner trend into our lives. But after a thorough investigation of the look, we found ourselves quite dazzled — not because of how crazy it is, but because it’s both spooky and pretty at the same time.

To get a bat eyeliner look that’s as fierce as Rachel Doctor’s, use a matte liquid liner and face glitter like NYX Professional Makeup Silver Pigments in Gunmetal. Apply the black liquid liner just like you would apply your winged cat eye, but make sure to make the line thicker as you get to the outer corner of your eye. Channel your inner artist to create jagged, uneven triangular points that resemble bat-wings and consider drawing a triangular line to extend into your inner eye as well for extra drama. Pair with some intense false lashes to complete your Pinterest-approved Halloween look.


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