Baths are the perfect way to relax and they’re also great for upping your beauty game. They can nourish your skin and help you get one step closer to beauty rest – two things most of us are obsessed with achieving. Even ladies such as Cleopatra and Elizabeth the 1st were known to indulge themselves in bubbly milk baths to nurture their skin and slow down aging. So now it’s your turn to continue the royal tradition and MDC has the formula to the perfect bath just for you! bath-time Step 1: Grab your favorite candles and place them all over your bathroom for a calming, almost romantic, atmosphere. This will allow you to turn down the lights and relax from your day. We love Votivo scented candles for their enchanting subtle scents and pretty presentation. Step 2: Run a bath in a comfortable hot temperature and add two capsules of Kiehl’s Lavander Foaming -Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe. The conditioning ingredients will heal your skin, while the lavender and sea salts will soothe your mind and body. Step 3: Then, add ½ cup of almond milk to give your body a shot of vitamins and minerals! Sounds crazy, but a little milk mixed into your bath will replenish your skin and is a nice addition to our three-part bath cocktail. Step 4: Next up, oil! Add ¼ cup of a The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in your favorite scent to further moisturize and illuminate your body, face, and hair! Feel free to mix in multiple scents for an invigorating aromatherapy session. Step 5: Throw in some rose petals! Nothing says calming bath quite like experiencing one in a pretty flower-laced setting. Now run to your kitchen, pop your favorite bottle of bubbly and hurry back to the tub for a little rejuvenation and relaxation (our version of R&R). Cheers!   How do you unwind and help your skin recover in a bath? Share your bath time ritual with us below!


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