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Ready, set...GO! From alarm wakeup to shower hop and jetting out the door, every woman has run the mad morning dash (MULTIPLE TIMES). But just because you’re zipping around like a crazy lady doesn’t mean you have to look it. Multi-tasking bloggers, who have perfected the a.m. rush, share their hair, makeup and nail beauty secrets to looking fabulous super fast.

Patrice Grell Yursik of, (photo credit: Cadence Gamache)

Makeup Tip: “Once my basic foundation, powder and blush are in place, all I need is a subtle lipstick and an eyeliner with fabulous glide–preferably with one of those soft spongy tips on the opposite end, to soften the line. Add mascara and eye-catching jewelry. Good to go in five!”

 Aly Walansky of

Hair Tip: “If I need to spruce up my hair and I have no time to do it, I turn to dry shampoo. It instantly dries oils, adds lift, and gives a fresh scent. I also have no qualms going old-school and throwing on a clip-on pony–it’s amazing how it looks like a new look, and not a look-save!”

Dolapo of

Nail Tip: “If you’re painting your nails and need to dry them quickly, dip your painted fingers into a bowl of cold water for several seconds. When you take them out, your nails will be dry.”

Candice Sabatini of

Makeup Tip: “I save time by using lip gloss on both my lips and cheeks. Believe it or not, colored lip gloss makes an excellent blush! I dot some gloss on my cheeks and then use a blush brush to burnish it in. It gives a sheer natural flush to my cheeks and is never sticky.”

Sharon Oh of

Hair Tip: “If you want waves, quickly blow dry your hair and leave it in a bun while you are getting dressed and applying makeup. Then let the bun down after 15 to 20 minutes for natural-looking waves.”

Kristin Booker of

Makeup Tip: “Run a good black liner along the top and bottom lash lines, and then use a small brush to gradually smoke the color up from the top lash line and down from the bottom. Repeat this process until you have–voila!–the perfect smoky eye in under a minute!”

Adina Zilberman of

Makeup Tip: “For complexion perfection, all you need is a little tinted moisturizer and a soft, matte bronzer. Apply the tinted moisturizer as you would a face cream, and then blend a bit of bronzer into the recesses of the face–the hollows of cheeks, the temples and under the jawline. Add a swipe of mascara and lip balm, and you’ve got the perfect five minute face!” How do you get out the door fast looking fabulous?


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