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Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes, and this especially holds true in the beauty department. I recall the day my sister shaved half an eyebrow off, and then shaving off half of the other just to be symmetrical. I also remember my hair stint as a box-dyed brunette that turned a lovely shade of brassy orange after a few washes… While these beauty emergencies are far from ideal, there is good news: everything is fixable. You can always pencil-and-powder in half your eyebrows until they grow back or hit the salon so that a stylist can turn your brassy orange hair hue into Gisele Bundchen blonde. And at least you'll know not to make that mistake again. Here are seven more beauty missteps we can all learn from.

Layering Laments

Hilary Campbell, Board Administrative Assistant

Beauty disasters aren’t always self-inflicted. Take Hilary, for example, who decided to spice up her sister’s look with some fancy, “fool-proof” layers. “It seemed to make the most sense to just cut a straight diagonal line from her bangs to back of head,” says Hilary. “I still don't understand why this didn't work, but when I finished, her hair resembled two staircases going down the sides of her face.” Nothing like some sisterly restyling…

Makeup Meltdown

Kerrie LeBourveau, Account Director

Who doesn’t love leaving it to the experts? It’s the hassle-free option...Or is it? Kerrie was a victim of the dark side of having a professional do her makeup. “She did such an awful job that I cried and threw a hissy fit,” she says. “I swear she made me look like I was a 40-year-old showgirl living outside of the Vegas strip.” Ouch!

Highlights Gone Haywire

Heather Van Buren, Freelance Photographer

“Whoever told me that highlighting your hair from a box was a good idea was definitely mistaken,” says Heather. Sure, the models’ hair looks great on the box. And the concept of pulling little sections of hair out of a cap for precise application? Genius! Right? “After a quick head wash, the end result was the chunkiest bleached-blonde dye job anyone had ever seen. I was a walking baby snow leopard that was anything but pretty.”

Foundation Flounder

Ashley MacDonald, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

We once read that wearing foundation that’s a touch dark gives the impression of a healthy glow. But that wasn't the case for Ashley. While at the Erwin Gomez salon in Washington, D.C., Ashley had the pleasure of running into Erwin himself—sadly, the encounter did not go as expected. “Not 30 seconds after meeting this makeup genius did he feel the need to point out that my liquid cover up was two shades too dark for my very fair complexion,” she says. “It was probably one of the top 10 most uncomfortable moments I've ever had in my life. To this day, I only spot cover up and NEVER load on the full blown blanket of makeup. You live, you learn.”

Channeling Cousin Itt

Melanie Owens, Junior Analyst

Everyone has rocked a signature look that, well, wasn’t exactly stylish. “I used to think side swooping bangs were achieved by simply leaving out a chunk of hair in the front of my do,” says Melanie. “The style looked more like the hairdresser's hands slipped and chopped a section of my hair in the front—just a bit shorter than the rest—and that I was short a bobby pin when I pulled my hair back…leaving me with a partial Cousin Itt, hair-in-the face mess.”

Powder Problem

Michelle Denhart, Sales Development Manager

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough foundation, cover-up, and powder in the world to cover those pesky pimples. But who better to cover them than your trendy, makeup pro friend? When getting ready for an event, Michelle let such a friend do her look. “When she finished giving me my makeover, I looked in the mirror and was how good I looked,” she says. “Foundation and powder layered on like I totally didn't have acne, sexy dark eyes…I was looking good.” The blunder came when she saw the photos. “I looked like I had stuck my face in the chalk powder gymnasts put on their hands before their bar routine! With super dark lipstick on.” Can you say, oops?

Matching Mayhem

Lauren Gilbertson, Account Executive

We've all struggled with a hair identity crisis. For Lauren, that time came when she decided to play around with some color. “Of the hundreds of unspoken rules, there was apparently one to which I was not privy: hair color should not match your complexion. Whether it was rebellion or an underlying desire to look like a blonde Oompa-Loompa…mission accomplished!” To get full grasp of what this looked like, Lauren provided some details: “Let's paint the picture keeping these facts in mind: 1) I'm Asian and 2) Asians aren't born with blonde hair. Not only did my bleached locks look like straw, but they clashed against my tan skin. Let's just say, I won't revisit photo memorabilia unless I'm strapped with a pair of Depends.”


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