You’re running late—because, well, makeup. Sound familiar? Of course it does. You’ve undoubtedly spent countless hours texting explanations that fall flat with awkward autocorrect moments, typos and broken English—on-point grammar matters, but a text chain isn’t the time or place for niceties like proper punctuation. Fortunately, with the release of 130 new, beauty-themed emojis, words can be put to rest over text, because Beaumoji will do all of the talking. Now you can send a stylish, albeit efficient text of an ombre lip, or “on fleek” brows, to let your friends know why you’re really running behind. Looking for a beauty emoji to call your own? Enter the BeaumojiContest and share your idea for a chance to have it included in the Beaumoji Keyboard. Oh, and let's just say a trip to NYC might also involved ...

Beaumoji was created with beauty lovers in mind. The emoji keyboard is organized into categories like ‘Pampered Life’, which shows characters indulging in beauty experiences (cucumber face mask, anyone?), and ‘Iconic’, which is an homage to cult beauty products, like the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray. As you can imagine, the team has embraced these pretty little things wholeheartedly—to the point where we’ve started communicating exclusively through Beaumoji. Lipstick-stained coffee cups, lush lashes and “It Girl” characters are just some of the icons you’ll find among our frequently used emojis. Here we give you a peek into the team behind, including the one signature Beaumoji that describes each of us so well, we no longer see the point in talking.

Are you feeling up to a game of Beaumoji pictionary? Download the app, and let the words pictures flow.

sun safe beauty emoji

“My signature beaumoji is "Safe in the Sun". I didn't protect my skin from the sun as well as I should have when I was younger, and now I'm paying the price. The struggle with sunspots is real! But I've learned my lesson, and now you won't ever find me outside without my wide brim hat, sunglasses and a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. Pale is the new tan.” — Kate, Managing Editor

eyelash beauty emoji

“I’m obsessed with all-things lashes, and everyone who knows me, knows this. From the standing appointment I have with my lash extension girl, to my Great Lash obsession and eyelash tattoo … it’s safe to say they’re my thing.” — Diana, Editor

messy bun beauty emoji

“I rock a curly top knot at least three times a week, so this Beaumoji pretty much sums up my life. Plus, her red mani, lashes and contour are my #makeupgoals. Whenever my friends want to know why I'm running late for brunch or cocktails, this will instantly tell them what they need to know. The perfect updo takes time!"  — Shontel, Social Media Strategist

sassy girl beauty emoji

“I’m PRETTY sure this is the most-used phrase in my text-messaging history. Plus, this has the PERFECT amount of “A’s” and “S’s” to be effective.” — Paige, Strategist

heart emoji

“I love this emoji! It’s super cute, and i’m honestly surprised it doesn’t already exist. I’m a big fan of showing my love in emoji form, so my friends should expect lots of these from me in the future!” — Kelli, Designer

coffee emoji

“Because … coffee. Because … lipstick. ” — Lauren, Production Manager

We couldn’t have said it any better, Lauren!

If you think there’s something missing from the keyboard, now is the time to create your very own beauty emoji. To celebrate the app launch, Beaumoji is unveiling an emoji design contest! Makeup fanatics are invited to create and submit their own Beaumoji using the hashtag #BeaumojiContest on Twitter and Instagram. Winners will have their ideas included in the app and receive a trip to New York City and a VIP ticket to the Beautycon Festival on October 1. To enter, just head over to the BeaumojiContest and share your idea! 

beauty emoji keyboard

For updates on the contest, follow @beaumoji_ on Instagram!


Love these emojis as much as we do? Download the app here, and tell us which character is your signature beaumoji!

Available now for Android and iOS (in the US).

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