Charu Suri Apr 12, 2012
Stressed from work? Taxes? Life in general? It may be time to indulge in some truly miraculous beauty pick-me-ups. Here are four new fixes that will make you smile even if you've had a hair-raising day. "Per-fekt" your pout per-fekt Beauty's Lip Perfection Gel is one of the finest sheer color lip balms we've encountered. It's formulated with rich conditioners, vitamins, pure pigments, and also has a hint of mint. Think of it as a spa for your lips. Uplift your face The latest cute, sleek gadget from BMR Beauty looks like a set of cool headphones, but this FDA-approved gizmo uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to gently work your facial muscles. In about 20 minutes each day, you're on your way to smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Did you say frown lines? We didn't think so... Inhale (and feel like a movie star) Krigler Perfumes have always been associated with celebrities (fans who wore his perfumes include Grace Kelly, JFK, Audrey Hepburn and Ernest Hemingway—to name a few). The latest Ultra Chateau Krigler 12 is a modernized version of the scent created 100 years ago, and is an edgy, silken blend of florals like lily of the valley, iris, and magnolia with notes of musk and plum. Why not take a break and feel like a million dollars? Give your locks some TLC Running ragged can do a number on your hair. Give your strands some TLC with Redken's All Soft Argan Oil which contains some seriously good fatty acids for healthy, glossy hair. Use it to moisturize hair pre-shampoo, or to protect, style and smooth strands. Nothing makes you feel like a million dollars like getting your crowning glory all gorgeous! What products do you use to de-stress?


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