What’s plastic and black with a tip that’s prickly all over? We use them every day on our lashes without giving ‘em a second thought. And while they’re small in stature, they’re big in their ability to multi-task. You guessed it: We’re talking about mascara spoolies! These little brushes touch our faces every day, but it’s quite likely you’re not using them to their full potential.

We checked in with New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who’s always got the scoop on the latest and greatest beauty hacks. Today, she shows us four cool tricks involving the mini-but-mighty spoolie. Take it away, Ashley!

All hail the spoolie! See why we love this simple beauty tool when you tap the link in bio.

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Beauty Hack #1: The Flyaway Fighter

This is the perfect trick for smoothing the center part of a sleek ponytail or undo.

1) Spray your hair with a lightweight, yet strong hold hairspray.

2) Run the spoolie along both sides of your center part, using downward strokes, to keep flyaways perfectly intact.

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Beauty Hack #2: The Mascara Master

This trick works best with a disposable spoolie wand—if you bend your regular mascara brush, it won’t go back into the tube nicely! Bending the wand will give you greater control, and it makes applying mascara to your bottom lashes a lot easier, too.

1) Bend the spoolie to a 45-degree angle.

2) When the spoolie is at an angle, hold it to your lashes and apply mascara as you would normally.

Beauty Hack #3: The Great Lash Separator

Get a small amount of mascara on the tip of the pointed part of the spoolie and, in an upward motion, comb through the eyelashes to separate them more easily.

1) Holding your spoolie upright, use the very tip of the wand to separate lashes and avoid the dreaded “clumping effect.”

Beauty Hack #4: The Brow-Setter

This hack will prevent your eyebrows from misbehaving, and you can easily do-it-yourself with items you already have at home.

1) Hold a can of hairspray about 10 inches from your clean (mascara-less) spoolie, and give it a good spritz.

2) Brush through your brows to set and tame those unruly beauties. Or better yet, brush your brows using an upward motion to give them an unbridled look that rivals Karlie’s.

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Can you think of some other clever ways to use your spoolie for good? Let us know in the comments below!

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