To beauty junkies, the holiday season means many things: Christmas parties, New Year's celebrations and abundant opportunities to get all dolled up. So if you’ve been wanting to try a popsicle-stained pout with your new lip palette, the office holiday party is the perfect time to do it. And if ever there was an opportunity to get glitter-y with it, it would be December 31st. With a social calendar as full as yours (#blessed), look no further than your December beauty horoscope to find the makeup looks that compliment your star sign!

december beauty horoscope


Baby, it’s your month to shine—and we mean that quite literally. There’s never been a better time than your birthday month to rock metallic makeup. We’re talking eyes, lips, primer—all gold everywhere, or swipe on a copper eye shadow and sparkle like the gem that you are.

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Capricorn, we know you’re Ms. Responsible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go bold with your makeup looks every now and then! This month, your theme is “more”—and more makeup is always a good thing. (Hey we’re the ladies that believe in using makeup for a “no-makeup” beauty look). An easy way to take things up a notch? False eyelashes. Glue ‘em on and strike a Twiggy pose.

beauty horoscope


We’ve got a feeling this month is going to be a hectic one for you. Between shopping, glamming, and partying, you’re going to bu-sy. But - get ready to do that prayer hands emoji sign - we’ve got the beauty hacks to keep your winter look on point. For example, the unexpected solution to winter frizz? Dryer sheets. Who knew, right?

beauty horoscope


One of the bummers about New Years? You’ve only got one night to pull out all the stops. But just because some *might* say a silver eye isn’t “work appropriate,” we’ve got your cheat sheet for keeping the shine going at your nine to five, and it’s called a mani. Flash your digits with a metallic manicure and you’ll be subtly shining all month long.

beauty horoscope


As if you needed a reason to take your bold personality for a spin, we’re giving you one girl! This month, we’re daring you to try a red smokey eye during the day, and we’ve got a good feeling you’re going to want to take us up on it. Pair with a cozy white sweater and your look will be *fire emoji.*  

beauty horoscope


You’re known for being one of the most social zodiac signs. So, come holiday season, we know you’re not one to turn down a tinsel-themed gathering! The downside? Turning up to work looking a little, er, rough, the next day. And that’s why we’re thankful for the 202,934th time today for the miracle of makeup, because all you need is a little nude eyeliner to make it look like you got the full 8 hours.

beauty horoscope


One day you’re feeling like strutting up to that cutie at the bar and asking him out. The next day you’re waiting for him to text you first. As a Gemini, you never know what kind of mood you’re going to be in, which can make choosing the right eye shade for your personality slightly tricky. The perfect solve? Introducing the Full Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette, where you can be angelic with a matte white by morning, and head to the club in bright teal at night.

beauty horoscope


Call us crazy, but we have a feeling lip gloss is coming back in a big way. If you haven’t had the confidence to pull it off before, December is going to be the month when chance is working in your favor and you can work that glassy pout. Try out a pink gloss at your holiday party and you just *might* catch the eye of the cutie by the tinsel.

beauty horoscope


The most generous sign, we know you spend all December thinking of the different ways to treat your lady friends. But what to choose for the one who has everything? Girl, we gotchu. Take a peek at our Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect thing for your girls. And if you’re going to be giving away the Lipstick Vault, can we please be your Christmas list?  

beauty horoscope


Virgo, we know you can be a little shy. But we’ve got a subtle way to draw the attention of everyone in the room. Cue that highlighter baby! If you don’t yet know about the strobing craze, here’s your chance to get in on it. Just a touch of highlighter on your cupid’s bow, or in the center of your eyelids, can bring a subtle glow to your face that will keep you shining all night long.

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Like sunshine on a cloudy day - FYI, we’re humming to ourselves right now - you’re known to brighten up the room with your friendly disposition. But it’s December, and time is running out to switch things up for 2016. Consider this our subtle suggestion that you finally try that vampy, purple lipstick that’s been collecting dust on your vanity. Libra, it’s time to go dark.

december beauty horoscope


Every girl had their Spice Girl spirit animal back in the ‘90s. We know some of you may be partial to Posh, but this month we’re thinking it’s your time to channel Baby Spice. Remember those cute baby buns? This month, try ‘em with a twist and do braided baby buns! And, may we suggest a little karaoke while you’re at it? “Wannabe” is calling your name.


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