It’s official, and you can’t avoid it any longer. Winter is coming. On those days when it feels like you haven’t seen the sun in months, call on your favorite bright-hued lipstick to pick you up. But you’ll need more than lipstick—it’s time to use every tool in your beauty arsenal to fight the doldrums. This month’s beauty horoscope will help you find out exactly what you need to stay sunny side up.



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Finally, it’s that time of year—the time when everyone rejoices the day you were born. Not only will you be showered with gifts, you’ll also command the attention of everyone in the room. What better way to do that than with a vampy dark lip? Go dark and be the person who turns heads all month long.



beauty horoscope


The holidays are fast approaching, but before you hit the chaos-slash-headache that is your local shopping mall, take a few moments to reset and refresh. In fact, grabbing five minutes to clean your makeup brushes can be the ultimate fresh start. This way, you’ll be completely zen when you accidentally bump into Bad Santa and his elves.



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We have a feeling the past will be calling out to you this month. Whether that means a “What’s up?” text from your ex or snuggling into your childhood sheets over Thanksgiving break, you can do it all while paying homage to the beauty trends of yore. Swipe a deep matte brick red lipstick on that pretty pout of yours and party like it’s the ‘90s all over again.



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This month, it’s all about the hustle. You’re going to pull off late nights at work and early mornings at your side gig, all while looking fabulous. Having some hacks up your sleeve to speed up your beauty routine is exactly what you’ll need when you’re running short on time. This grit is going to serve you well when you strut in to ask for that promotion.



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Ask for their number, Pisces! You know exactly who we’re talking about. This November, it’s time to come out of hiding and be bold—whether that be with some experimental lip art or finally pulling that metallic skirt out from the back of your closet. Go get ‘em, girl!



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Aries girls love their staple items—whether it’s a daily uniform of jeans and a white tee or purchasing the same hardworking mascara over and over again. But sometimes your carefully curated look can be, well, more of a rut. Doing something unexpected this month might be just the thing you need to give ‘em something to talk about—and we know you love that. We recommend kicking things up a notch with a reverse cat eye.


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We know you, Taurus. You’re the reliable one in your girl group, the one your friends can always turn to. But we also know you like to shake things up every once in awhile, when it comes to your look. So the perfect makeup look for you is one that allows you to be a little risky without being too out there. The popsicle-stained pout is a fun twist on a bright lip that will make you feel fresh without stepping outside of your comfort zone.



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If there’s a trend to be had, you’ve learned it. But during the month of November, your go get ‘em attitude is going to falter under the pressure of your full fall calendar. For the coffee-addicted, use these caffeine-infused beauty products to perk up your look.



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Glow, Cancer, glow! We know that sometimes you can be a little shy, but this month is a great one to let your light shine. Red eye makeup might seem like too bold a choice, but we’re 100% confident you can pull it off.



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November is a month to celebrate your creative side. Maybe that means dragging your S.O. to a new museum or enrolling in that watercolor class you’ve been meaning to sign up for. Use this month as an opportunity to whip out that liquid eyeliner and embrace your inner Picasso for an artsy look.



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Hear that, Virgo? It’s the nearest dance floor calling your name. Pick a date this month to put on your highest heels, show a little skin, let go of your inhibitions and head to the club for a ladies’ night. Accentuate that cupid’s bow with a little highlighter, and the strobe lights won’t be the only thing shining that night.



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It’s November, Libra, which means you’re officially a year older and a year wiser. Step into the greatest year of your life with opulence—we’re talking gold makeup, fur coats and silk pajamas. If you didn’t already get these things for your birthday, you should have. It’s your month to feel like a queen, so let’s make sure you look like one, too!


Was the sun rising on your beauty horoscope this month? Let us know in the comments!


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