Aimee Blaut Feb 12, 2013
Creating a beauty look fit for a princess or a queen is a job that not just anyone can take on. But Maria Boström is an artist who is up to the task, working on hair and makeup for the Swedish Royal Family when duty calls. Boström established her career first in Stockholm, where she cut her teeth working with Sweden's leading hairstylist, Björn Axén. She eventually moved to Hong Kong, where she was part of the Kim Robinson salon and owned her own magazine that she sold to Elle Hong Kong. Aimee Blaut caught up with the legendary pro, who is now back in Stockholm, and got the inside scoop on her beauty basics.  I have so many products for work, but I use so little on myself. I like to use organic products. When I wake up, I use Luxsit Balance Body Wash and Salviderm Naturligt Vis Facial Cleanser and Shampoo. I also love the Luxsit Enrich Magic Moisturizing Facial Mask. That mask is as amazing as a Cinderella cream when you travel. My favorite makeup brands are Giorgio Armani and Shu Uemura—and Tweezerman! I don’t wear much makeup, but I really love the products I do use. Lancôme Effacernes Longue Tenue Long-Lasting Softening Concealer has been my favorite one all of these years. It goes on very light, which I prefer. When it comes to concealers, I find that the blue under the eye is very difficult to remove unless you use a very strong pigment. I actually mix this long-lasting concealer with an orange pigment; that’s the only thing that works for me. I like Armani’s foundations. Maestro, its latest one, is so thin it’s almost like a liquid. I also love my Shu Uemura UV Underbase Mousse SPF 30. I discovered it on a job in China. It bleaches the skin a little and goes on very light. It’s great because it evens out the skin and the pores softly. When you apply foundation over it, you get a nice, even tone without having to use too much foundation—and it lasts all day. Since I don’t wear much makeup, if I want to do something more dramatic I will wear a lipstick. From time to time, I put on red lips. For fragrance, I wear Etro's Heliotrope. I was in Italy and went into the Etro shop and just fell in love with it. Since then I haven’t been able to use anything else—and that was ten years ago. I couldn’t find it in Stockholm, which was a bit frustrating. But then a shop in town started carrying it so I am very happy about that!

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