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Here at MDC we celebrate all kinds of makeup lovers: those who know the difference between a pencil eyeliner and a gel liner to those who still can’t figure out how to work a lash curler. For us, it doesn’t matter where you land on the makeup-savvy spectrum — we’ve got you covered no matter what. That being said, we decided to shake things up and test your knowledge on all things MDC. We realize that throwing a pop quiz in the middle of summer doesn’t exactly make us sound like the life of the party, but trust us, this is going to be fun!

Beauty IQ

1. This summer’s hottest lipstick shade is:

A) Fuchsia

B) Coral

C) Peach

D) All of the above

2. A C-shaped claw wand is used for what type of mascara?

A) Volumizing

B) Lengthening

C) Curling

D) Defining

3. True or False: Matte, frost and gloss are all terms to describe:

A) Eye Shadow

B) Lipstick

C) Foundation

D) Nail polish

4. The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is:

A) Emerald Green

B) Radiant Orchid

C) Dazzling Blue

E) Vibrant Peach

5. After a sleepless night, how do you remedy undereye bags?

A) Cold compresses and concealer

B) Warm compresses and concealer

C) Coffee — caffeine fixes everything

D) Hemorrhoid cream

6. Which is NOT a type of braid:

A) Fishtail

B) Dutch

C) Unicorn

D) Waterfall

7) What is a base coat?

A) Neutral cream applied before foundation

B) Clear or white mascara applied before the colored coat

C) Clear polish applied before nail color

D) Nude or neutral powder applied on eyelids before shadow

8) SPF stands for:

A) Sun Prevention Factor

B) Sun Protection Factor

C) Sun Prevention Formula

D) Sunburn Protection Factor

9) I should wear moisturizer:

A) Daily

B) When my skin is feeling dry

C) At night

D) Only on my face

10) True or false: Greasy foods lead to breakouts.

A) True

B) False


Answers: 1.D, 2.C, 3.B, 4.B, 5.A, 6.C, 7.C, 8.B, 9.A, 10.B

If you missed three questions or less

Congrats! You are a beauty guru who clearly knows her stuff. The local beauty supply store is your idea of a candy shop and you spend hours roaming the aisles, eyeing the latest and greatest products.

If you missed four to six questions …

You’ve got the gist of it! You know the basics of makeup and skin care and what works best for your lovely mug. Don’t be afraid to step outside the beauty box and try a new look!

If you missed seven or more …

Ok, so you’re not exactly a makeup maven. That’s A-OK! We’re here to help guide you through the beautifying world of makeup and skin care. Stick with us and you’ll be an MDC smartypants in no time!

So what’s your beauty IQ? Let us know how you fared in the comments below.

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