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Birthstones are interesting things. Unless they’re paired with a pretty piece of jewelry (remember your class ring?), we really don’t give them much thought. Many of us don’t even know our birthstone! The thing is these signature stones can and should be shown off in a multitude of ways. Just like zodiac signs, they can be reflections of our individuality and unique style. And, what better way to express yourself than through makeup, right? Show off your personal birthstone by rocking the beauty look that complements it to a tee!

January Birthstone Look: Oxblood Cheeks

While your first inclination might be to throw that deep red shade on your lips, we know better. Garnet blush is an equally stunning way to add some color to your face and add some definition and contour action to your cheekbones! We all know any type of contouring is always a good idea!

February BirthstoneLook: Purple Mascara

This bright violet shade belongs on your peepers, and we’re talking front row center! That’s right — give your lashes the royal treatment by covering them in a regal purple mascara. It’s a bold move, but we know you’ve got it in you!

March BirthstoneLook: Baby Blue Lids

That lovely, soft blue that is your signature color actually makes for an ideal eye shadow, too. Don’t worry, there’s nothing ’80s about this look. Just keep it subtle and you’ll be turning heads like no one’s business.  

April BirthstoneLook: Silver Eye Liner

You spring babies are all about shining bright like a diamond, aren’t you? Add the pretty sparkle your month is known for to your makeup look with a little silver eyeliner. This subtle upgrade will definitely pump up your peepers. 

May BirthstoneLook: Green Smoky Eye

Show off your signature green stone and add some smoke while you’re at it. Simply switch up the traditional charcoal smoky eye and make it a deep, green tone instead. Your eyes will thank you.

June BirthstoneLook: White Shimmer Shadow

Pearl is not the easiest color to translate to makeup, but we found a way. A winter white makeup look is surprisingly lovely and feminine. And, we promise it won’t wash you out. On the contrary, you’ll look like a pretty snow queen (despite having been born in June).

July BirthstoneLook: Red Ombré Lip

A ruby red lip is always a good idea. Take this classic bold pout up a notch by adding another shade to the mix. A cool ombré lip is all the rage this season, so what better way to show off your birthstone?

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August BirthstoneLook: Lime Green Shadow

You August babies were born in the season of color and sunshine, so it’s no wonder your color is one of the brightest of the bunch. Get a little funky with your makeup and try this edgy lime green liner look. Wave that peridot flag!

September BirthstoneLook: Bright Blue Lids

How lucky are you? You’ve got one stunning birthstone. And, while bright blue eye shadow may make you think of the Golden Girls, we think it’s totally chic and totally bold. Go ahead, take a risk. 

October BirthstoneLook: Shimmery Skin

OK, as brilliant and beautiful as opal is, it’s a toughy in the makeup world. This is partly due to the fact that opal, in all its iridescent loveliness, pretty much reflects every color of the rainbow. We think the best way to channel this stone’s shimmery finish is to emulate it on your skin. So, pick up your trusty highlighter and get to strobing. It’s time to get your sparkle on!

November BirthstoneLook: Bronze Skin

We love the golden, honey-colored hue of topaz. And, to be honest, there are lots of ways to work this shade into your makeup routine. However, the best way to imitate this stone’s glow is to let your skin do some glowing of its own. Get yourself a tan, shimmery bronzer and dust a little on the face to get that true topaz finish.   

December BirthstoneLook: Blue Lips

While not as popular or well known as that other blue stone (ahem, sapphire) we think tanzanite is one of the coolest stones around. The dark blue hue’s purple undertone makes for a unique shade that calls for an equally unique look. Take a walk on the wild side and try a fun deep blue or dark purple lip. It’s perfect for the fall and it shows you like to mix up your look a bit!

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