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Nothing gets the butterflies going quite like a first date. Whether it’s a quick meet-and-greet over coffee or a moonlit dinner on the beach, we see these initial outings as a pivotal step toward a lifetime of happiness with Mr. Right (a make-or-break situation, if you will). In an effort to make a great first impression, it’s tempting to spend hours on our makeup, spring for a luscious red pout and make our hair voluminous and beauty queen-esque. But is our go-big-or-go-home strategy really doing us any favors? To gain a better understanding of what truly catches the eye of the ever-mysterious male, we did a little research and gathered a pool of about 70 guys, who sounded off on the date looks that make them weak in the knees.

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We asked: On a first date, which look do you prefer to see on your date?

Survey says: Don’t go overboard, ladies! Fifty-one percent of our guys said they prefer a “Simple Sally” look of minimal makeup. One of our participants even stated, “If it’s cakey, I’m flaky.” Forty-seven percent said they appreciate a slightly more strategic look that accents a particular facial asset like eyes or lips. Now, we’re not saying you need to go completely bare (we would never), but let Prince Charming see what you look like without heavy makeup. Keep your look light and natural. Use a soft, illuminating foundation like L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous with some soft eye shadow and well-blended eyeliner.

We asked: What type of lipstick shade do you prefer on women?

The boys are torn when it comes to the perfect pout! Thirty-eight percent of men completely vetoed color on the lips while 33 percent prefer a natural peach. We all know peach is a hot hue for the summer and makes for a more natural lipstick look, so this is an easy win for date night (we recommend Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Peachy Scene). However, men also respond to a woman who is comfortable in her skin — and lipstick. As one of our guys perfectly stated, “I am happy when my date is happy. I’m fine with whatever she feels she needs that night.” So, if you feel like rocking a bright pink or red lip, go for it (a decent 9 percent of fellas love it). As avid lipstick lovers, we say go with your gut on this one!

We asked: What type of hairstyle do you prefer on your date?

Once again, the understated look takes the cake as 63 percent of guys said straight or natural locks are best. If the idea of leaving the house without perfectly coiffed locks freaks you out, try rocking some loose, natural beach waves. For staying power, spritz your hair with Garnier Fructis Style in De-Constructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray. See if your date doesn’t go gaga over your “untouched” hair!

We asked: What is the scent you prefer to take in as you lean in for a goodnight kiss/hug?

We girls think men don’t notice little things like our perfume, but, surprisingly, our scent leaves quite the impression. Oddly enough, according to 36 percent of our surveyed males, a good pre-date scrub with a refreshing body wash is enough to leave you smelling like a goddess (yup, we’re stumped, too). Floral scents followed closely behind at 31 percent. At the end of the day though, it’s unanimous that men fall for the girls who let their inner beauty do the talking. As one of our male participants so perfectly put it, “To be completely honest, I'm not entirely clear on the difference between floral tones or citrus ones, nor do I have a strong preference toward hair styles or shades of lipstick,” he explained. “That's not to say they aren't important, but when it's done best, you tend to not really notice it. In those instances my brain just convinces me that it's all-natural and that she wakes up every morning looking or smelling that way.” Well said, sir, well said.

Which of these male-approved looks surprised you the most?
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Illustration by Kristine Payongayong



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