Aug 5, 2016

You thought Fri-yay would never come, alas, it's here! Today is the day where nothing ruffles your feathers, because come six o’clock, the wind is blowing in your hair—both literally and figuratively. It's time to get dolled up, sip summer cocktails and indulge in a little Pokémon Go (no shame in that game). So before we lose you to the weekend gods, we've got your fill of this week's beauty news. Trust us, some of these articles will leave you scratching your head before you indugle and change your response to: YASSSSS!

Beauty News: This Week in Beauty


In the event you’ve been stuck under a rock somewhere, Pokémon Go is the new “It” app that’s taking over our virtual and real worlds. Considering the recent frenzy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pokémon makeup is now a thing. (Refinery29)


For some, blush application has been a priority since we first learned the art of makeup. However, there are some that are calling it quits with the rosy rouge and replacing it with something shiny and new. (Byrdie)


Lips are officially the new canvas for beauty artists looking to get wild with their makeup. First ombré, then glitter, now oil. Pucker up for some slick new lip moves. (Marie Claire)


Fuzzy hair does not sound cute, right? It sounds like a mane issue you would want to deter with oils, gels and deep conditioners. Well, apparently it’s the latest and greatest in hair styling and something we need to get on board with Stat. (Into the Gloss)


Consider this your warning: This @h%t is cray. We dare you to watch this video and see whether your head starts spinning within 10 seconds. (Pop Sugar)


The hot, lazy summer days are ideal for dancing until dawn and brunching until the mimosas run out. But with this hedonistic behavior comes consequences, mainly in the form of a hangover. Find out how to hide your summer indulgences with makeup. (The Makeup Blogger)


Are you going gaga over Pokémon Go? What about Pokémon makeup? Let us know in the comments below!



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