Sep 2, 2016

This time of year can leave us feeling a bit … deflated—summer’s nearly over, but the cozy festivities of fall still feel a long way off. What’s a #BeautyBoss to do to keep wind in her sails as the world takes a breather?

Well, one thing is for sure: life is too short not to feel fabulous. So fill up on inspiration with this list of the best trends in beauty this week, including haircut cues from the moon, next-level metallic nails and an easy way to spice up your beauty routine—literally.


Beauty news


Beauty News and Trends

Something about transitioning between seasons makes you want to hit snooze just … One. More. Time. We get it. These time-saving beauty hacks will help you set the world record for quickest transition from laid-out-in-bed to straight-up gorgeous. (Harper’s Bazaar)


Beauty News and Trends

If variety is the spice of life, then this beauty tip is as delicious as they come. It might be time to move your turmeric from the kitchen cabinet to your vanity, since it has some pretty amazing skin benefits that are worth a second look. (Byrdie)


Beauty News and Trends

Do you ever get the feeling that if your makeup could talk, it would be annoyed at you for dumping it in a plain makeup bag that completely undermines the awesomeness inside? No? Neither do we. Just, uh, asking for a friend. Here’s a link to some pretty cool makeup bags, anyway. (StyleCaster)


Beauty News and Trends  

The Moon. Celestial body. Shining light. Beauty Icon? Yep. She goes through phases just like the rest of us, and they’re all pretty magnificent. If you’re wondering what to do next with your hair, then maybe it’s time to put some moon magic in the mix. (Nylon


Beauty News and Trends

Sometimes the world calls on us to put a little extra umph in Triumph. This metallic nail trend let’s everyone know you aren’t waiting any savior in shimmering armor, you’ve got your own right at hand. (Fashionista)


Beauty News and Trends

Nothing is more beautiful than you at your best. And the legendary Streicher sisters are here to prove it with some sage advice on how to let the best you shine through naturally. (Violet Grey)



Do you have a natural beauty tip that makes you feel fab? Let us know in the comments below!




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