The beautiverse is buzzing and we’ve got all the news you need to know! From highlighter hacks to an inspirational instagram movement, there’s something here for every beauty lover. Take a peek at the latest in makeup, hair and skincare.

Beauty Trends

Sometimes, a little advice from the glam gods is all we need to refresh our makeup routine. These tips from expert makeup artists will make you think twice about your beauty habits. From how often you wash your brushes, to the way you apply mascara—we can all learn a thing or two from these MUAs.  (Refinery29)

There’s a new instagram movement that will hit your feed this weekend. Introducing #CelluliteSaturday. The inspiring message was created by a body activist who wants people to understand that cellulite isn’t something to be ashamed. We’re with you, girl! (Cosmopolitan)

The worlds of beauty and sci-fi are colliding, and we’re ready for blast off! Intergalactic influences can be seen in the latest makeup trends from futuristic glitter eyeshadow to moon-inspired fragrances. Prepare to be transported to another world. (Harper’s Bazaar)

For the fairest of them all, finding a highlighter can be a bit of a challenge. This pro-tip shows how a purple color corrector doubles as a highlighter for those with fair skin and cool undertones. A simple application followed by a concealer will create a beautiful glowing face. (Allure)

We love a good DIY hair treatment. Aloe vera—the succulent predominantly known for treating sunburned skin—can actually give you shinier hair! Try this all natural trick the next time you hop into the shower. Glossier hair awaits!  (PureWow)

Bar soap is back, and it’s gotten an upgrade. Say farewell to the basic bar soap of the past and lather up with these purifying soaps of present. Whether you want a gentle chamomile cleanser, or you need some serious charcoal detox, there’s a soap for every need! (Byrdie)

Which of this week’s beauty trends has you feeling all the feels? Let us know!

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