As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, your favorite pair of denim cut-offs, and iced coffee, there are some perks to cooler temperatures. Namely, finding any excuse to switch up your hair color, beauty look or try a new eye makeup trend to celebrate sweater weather. You never know—emerald eye shadow just might be the perfect complement to your new cable knit.

This Week IN Beauty News


This Week In Beauty

You know that sequin dress you keep in the back of the closet for special occasions? Well, it’s time to bust it out, and we’ve got the deets on the beauty trend to match! Whether it’s sequin-covered lids or bright orange liner, see how you can bring the trickiest fall trends to life.  



Sequin Eyelids, Surprise Breakouts, Hair Contouring

You’ll be hearing the word “shaggy” a lot this season. And while that might bring up memories of everyone’s favorite pup aboard the Mystery Machine or the It Wasn’t Me lyrics, we’re talking about something different in beauty terms. The new shaggy haircut is in this fall, and it’s influencing this season’s coolest cuts, from short pixies to layered bobs.  (Refinery29)


Sequin Eyelids, Surprise Breakouts, Hair Contouring

Contouring: now available for you hair. Sign us up, please! Stylist David Adams introduces a new dying technique called eclipting, which uses light to illuminate your facial features by featuring bright reds and blondes. If ever there was a hair color perfect for fall, this is it. (Nylon)


Sequin Eyelids, Surprise Breakouts, Hair Contouring

Every curly-haired gal has heard it before, the “don’t use heat on your hair” spiel. But what’s a girl to do when she wants straight locks? Enter these seven magical tips for straight hair, while laying off the heat. (Elle)


Sequin Eyelids, Surprise Breakouts, Hair Contouring

Every time Mom brings out the photo album, it’s okay to speed flip past the cringe-worthy photos of that time you matched your purple braces with your eye shadow. Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere also knows the perils of past beauty mishaps. She braves the memories of the biggest beauty blunders of her twenties, so that you can avoid them too. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)


Sequin Eyelids, Surprise Breakouts, Hair Contouring

When you see a pimple, the thought that usually follows “How can I cover this up?” is “Where did this come from?!” Whether it was was touching your face after holding the grubby subway railing or if it was overdosing on pasta, finding out where those pesky pimples come from is the first step in making sure they won’t pop up again. (Into The Gloss)


How do you plan on wearing a bold eye look this fall? Share your plan of action with us below!

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