Is it just us, or are beauty treatments becoming more and more extreme? The latest trend in beauty involves blood, and it may make you a little queasy, so consider yourself warned. 

But wait, there's more. Continue reading to find out why a woman should never reveal her signature perfume, why a certain hair trend has us feeling hot and bothered, in addition to some other tidbits from the ever-fascinating world of beauty.

This Week in Beauty

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Blood samples are no longer exclusive to doctors’ offices and hospitals. It seems spas are getting in on the action to create targeted and customized skincare and body treatments for their guests. Possibly a bit strange, but we have to admit, we’re intrigued. (Refinery29)

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It's within our power to keep the world a diverse and uniquely scented place. And you can do your part by keeping your signature scent under wraps. Yes, we know this may sound a tad frivolous, but just trust us on this one—it would be a rather boring place if we all smelled the same. Read on to get some tips on how to remain a mysterious, fragrant creature. (Into The Gloss)

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The latest hair trend involves looking like you just engaged in a little hanky panky. But, don’t worry this look doesn’t require a significant other to get the job done. Check out these tips on sextured hair, and find out why there’s nothing like a good roll in the hay to enhance your natural beauty. (Marie Claire)

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If you’re on the cusp of turning 30, consider this the ultimate bucket list. Don't let another day pass without chipping away at these items, lest you turn 29 all over again. BTW, number eight is non-negotiable. (Byrdie)

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When it comes to sun protection, our skin is usually top of mind. But if you truly value your locks, make sure your hair doesn't get the shaft—pun entirely intended. (Violet Grey)

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Keeping up with your beauty routine can seem a bit laborious if you don't know where to cut corners and where to splurge. To make life a little easier, blogging pioneer and style guru Emily Schuman gives us some insight into her daily beauty grind. We’re all ears.  (Cupcakes & Cashmere)


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