What a week in beauty—per usual.

We’ve gone from contouring the backs of our necks, to applying makeup on our ears. That’s right, ears. As if that weren’t shocking enough, there’s a new perfume on the market made with a highly toxic, hallucinogenic plant! But wait, there’s more …

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There’s a new eyelash trend in town and “It Girls” like Gigi Hadid are all over it! We’re talking major drama that can be worn night or day. And the best part? It won’t even set you back $10. (Byrdie)


Sure, you’ve seen a sea of pink-bottled perfumes, adorning cute bows with sweet and fruity, floral notes. But, how about a pink-bottled perfume with a cute bow made from witches’ brew? (Harper’s Bazaar)


Who remembers temporary lip tattoos? Well, they’re back...but no longer for your lips. Forget the ear cuffs, studs or loops because ear makeup is about to pop up in your Instagram feed—and we’re kind of digging it. (Refinery29)


If you run through your dry shampoo faster than your actual shampoo, you’ll definitely relate to these 17 lazy-girl truths. We sure do. (Cosmopolitan)


To shave, or not to shave. That is the ultimate beauty question. If you find yourself debating whether you can get away with leaving your legs a little on the furry side while running late before a big event? This flowchart will nudge you towards a definitive yes or no. (Man Repeller)


Try on the newest shade of Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick collection without actually applying it. The new UD app let’s you try on 100+ different shades virtually! If you like it, swipe right to save the shade, and if you don’t like it, swipe left and the picture is gone. Hmm, sounds like another app we know. (NYLON)


FriYAY! Fill us in on your weekend plans in the comments below! We’ll be busy taking spider lash #selfies and attending Beautycon LA

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