With the craze of contouring at an all-time high, we’ve seen tutorials cover everything from “how to sculpt your cheekbones with common kitchen utensils” to “why a shoe can shade better than your contour brush” (really though). And while we’re impressed by the creativity, we prefer makeup tools that don’t poke holes in our face.

Along with the beauty hacks you shouldn’t follow (ahem, ^), we’ve also scooped some beauty news on the hairstyle that continues to make history and the makeup trend that’s making its way into our vanity this summer.

Continue reading below to get caught up on this week’s happenings in beauty and makeup!

makeup and beauty news

#1. We love finding ways to streamline our beauty routine, but we also know not all hacks are meant to be followed. Case in point: The 8 beauty hacks that Refinery29 rounded up. The next time the wisdom of the crowd tells you to contour with a toilet plunger, just say no. (Refinery29)

#2. We turn to the plethora of makeup boards on Pinterest for daily inspiration, especially when searching for eye makeup looks. And we’re not the only ones apparently — this one particular eye shadow hue has increased in popularity by 125% over the past year! (Byrdie)

#3. The nail polish on your hands chips in a day. Whereas the nail polish on your toes chips, well, never. As if your pedi wasn’t already in it for the long haul, we’ve got 7 more tips to make it last even longer. (PureWow)

#4. Women have been coating their lashes with Maybelline mascara since 1915, proving that we know a good thing when we see it — even Khloé can’t deny the power of this $7 mascara. (Glamour)

#5. It was chic, ever-so sophisticated and the most popular hairstyle of the ’60s: the Beehive. Worn by millions, this iconic hairstyle has an incredible history that carries into modern times. (Cosmopolitan)

#6. Glossy skin, glossy lips, glossy lids — this summer is ALL about the shine (the good kind, of course). See why this trend is coming in hot and here to stay! (Elle)


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