Hey! What are your plans for the Fourth of July? Yes, it’s over a week away, but can you blame us for counting down the days until the next long weekend? An extra day gives us more time to nail down that red, white and blue mani we’ve had our eyes on. Luckily, there’s inspo below!

That, along with some odd (aka genius) skincare tips found on Reddit, a wet mascara trend and an updated “adult” beauty routine — as hard as we try to ward off the other realities of adulting.

Beauty News: This Week’s Beauty & Makeup Trends

#1. Urban Decay devotees have makeup rules of their own — 10 of them to be exact! Ranging from obsessive priming to doubling-up on blush and highlighter, they know how to makeup the right way! Do you think your routine can hold up to that of an UD fanatic? (Byrdie)

#2. You all know Reddit as a source of hilarious threads, filled with questions you’d never think to ask (not out loud at least). And while we love to turn to these online convos for a good chuckle, these odd, but effective derm-approved skincare tricks have us running for the hills store to pick up diaper rash cream. Here’s why: (Glamour)

#3. Adulting is hard. Being an adult means having to do grown-up things like pay bills, make appointments for yourself and buy groceries (ramen does not count), but it also means you have to adultify your beauty regimen. Go on, it’s not as hard as calling the dentist yourself. (NYLON)

#4. This investigation takes a deep look at the relationship between your bathroom sink and your eye lashes. What does that mean, you ask? Looks like wetting your lashes before applying mascara could change everything. (Marie Claire)

#5. As promised, 4th of July nail art looks that will have you feeling patriotic — and not to mention, I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, because you know everyone goes all out at BBQs. (Harper’s Bazaar)

#6. We love a bold lip and dramatic smoky eye as much as the next beauty addict, but the no-makeup makeup movement will live on forever. And with sweltering summer making moves (toward our makeup), these tips will have you mastering the natural look without feeling completely naked. (The Zoe Report)


T-G-I- to the F, are we right? Fill us in on what you’ll be doing this weekend in the comments below! We’ll be busy practicing DIY nail art.

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