Is it just us, or did this four-day week feel extra long? Lucky for us, there’s a whole world of beauty news out there to keep us occupied, so we went digging and pulled our most interesting finds! From debunking beauty myths to the intro of pancaked braids (side of bacon anyone?), there’s plenty of news here to keep you busy during your “down time” at work today.

makeup and beauty trends

#1. How much effort, time and money do you invest in your skin? See if your skincare concerns and spending habits match up with those of the average woman’s. (Byrdie)

#2. Is that cat eye you rock on the regular losing its sparkle? A pro makeup artist teamed up with Maybelline to create three edgy spring beauty trends we dare you to try. (Refinery29)

#3. If you got five hours of sleep or less last night, *THIS* is the trick that’s going to make your eyes look wide awake. (No, it doesn’t involve applying concealer to your undereye circles.) (Marie Claire)

#4.  If you’re guilty of not sleeping enough (^), picking at your pimples or having a high-sugar diet, you could be hurting your skin! Avoid these nine skin traps or say “goodbye” to your glowing complexion. (PureWow)

#5. Do you go HAM on dry shampoo or routinely cleanse your face in the shower? It may be time to rethink your beauty routine. (Well+Good)

#6. Hair tats, pancaked braids, devil buns, oh my! Don’t just revert to a messy bun this summer (although you know our stance on this look) because these six cool-girl trends are perfect for BBQs, music festivals and beachin’. (Harper’s Bazaar


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