Aug 19, 2016

We don’t think anyone has ever articulated how we truly feel about hair-washing day—that is, until now.

And to help alleviate some of the other beauty struggles, we bring you lazy-girl hacks, proper salon etiquette, a lash tutorial and some very, very bad news about your fave junk foods.




We’ll try just about any beauty hack that appeases the lazy girl in all of us—like this quick-fix for a grown out mani and how a hashtag can help you achieve the easiest smoky eye EVER. (Marie Claire)



You’ve heard that a diet consisting of pizza and French fries is no good for your skin. Well, unfortunately this is no lie. And they’re not the only glorious, carb-filled tasty treats that sabotage your glow. Check out the 9 foods that you LOVE, ranked from bad to worst. (Harper’s Bazaar)



Finally, someone puts it all into words—the thought process of washing your hair, aka the worst day (or two or three) of the week. And yes, hot water, cold tiles and sobbing is involved. (Man Repeller)


If you’re guilty of scrolling through your Instagram feed while your stylist is trying to give you layers, you may want to read these beauty lessons and brush up on your salon etiquette. (Violet Grey)


Sure, it may sound scary, but spider lashes are very much a thing and thankfully, don’t actually involve any real spiders. Celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli breaks down this new lash trends with a video tutorial on how to get the look at home! (Byrdie)


Who needs a curling iron when you dish washing sponges? Confused? Beauty guru Charmie Jane shows us how kitchen tools are no different that your grandma’s foam rollers. Before you laugh, check it out! (Refinery29)


Do you have any tips for making hair-washing day a bit more bearable? Sound off in the comments below!



About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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