We know you’re working that master plan to have a mansion with a marble imperial staircase. But for now, a marble mani will do! This week’s beauty trends include lofty nail art, the best of budget beauty, the perfect skin prep for a night out and more.

Beauty News and Makeup Trends

Beauty News and Makeup Trends

Nothing communicates class and sophistication like marble. And by that logic, a marble mani is about as classy as you can get, right? You might even start speaking differently. After all, you’ll be quite fah-bulous, dah-ling. (The Coveteur)

Life comes at us in strange ways, and sometimes the only response is to shake it off and party. But just because you’re hitting the town doesn’t mean the town should leave its mark on you. The right skin prep can keep you glowing amid the city lights. Get out there, girl. (Makeup.com)

Beauty News and Makeup Trends

It’s a Friday night, you’ve got your place all to yourself. You’ve lined up candles along your bathtub to take a long, slow indulgent bath with … onions. Weird yes, but possibly effective in combating bacteria that can affect your skin. If that's too strange, we found a few more tips that should help you make the best out of bath time. (Man Repeller)

Beauty News and Makeup Trends

Beauty is one of the world’s great languages. And there are riches to be had by exploring the way people in different cultures speak its truth. Lately, trends from Korea have been making a big splash. Check it out. A world awaits. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Just because you want to be flawless, doesn’t mean you have to be penniless, too. That’s why we’re kicking you a few of the best beauty products you can get while on a budget. You’re sure to look like a million bucks for much, much less than that. Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with us. (Makeup.com)

If we’ve learned anything so far this century, it's that the internet knows all. Especially the search engine that starts with a ‘g’ and rhymes with doogle. No surprise then, that it has a forecast for what fashion trends will be hot in the coming months and what will be a hot mess. Get your fashion download, so you stay up to date. (Glamour)


Do you have any beauty predictions you’re certain will come to pass?  Leave a comment below with your prophecy! 


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