Before you shut down all electronics (lol, as if) and spend your weekend enjoying a good book on the beach — using the SPF mentioned below! — we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty highlights of the week. Whether your goal this weekend is to score the best highlighter available or dive into a new hair trend, we’ve got plenty of beauty buys, makeup tips and inspo at your disposal!

beauty and makeup trends 

#1. You guys gals, the highlighter to end all highlighters is here. By now it’s pretty clear that this is the year of shimmery cheeks (the ones on your face, obvi), so you know our cheekbones are already covered in layers of this stuff. #Swoon (Byrdie)

#2. Maybelline’s first Asian Global Ambassador, I-Hua talks bullying, beauty and beef stew. (Refinery29)

#3. Battling rudolph nose or super-flushed cheeks when the pollen count is high? This green color-correcting cushion compact could be exactly what you need to ward off the dreaded “allergy face.” (The Cut)

#4. Remember when rainbow hair and glitter roots were a thing? Well, there’s a new hair trend in town that involves another favorite childhood activity: stenciling. From simple hearts and emojis, to geometric shapes and polka dot patterns, the hair stenciling trend turns your locks into a real work of art! (Cosmpolitan)

#5. According to Consumer Reports, nearly half of sunscreens don’t actually give you the amount of protection promised. But, there’s one product that scored a perfect 100 and you can find it at the drugstore — or here. Get to it, the beach is waiting! (Glamour)  

#6. Sure, sunburns hurt, but what are they, really? Dermatologist Dr. Melinda Longaker answers MR’s *burning questions* regarding all things sun damage. (Man Repeller)

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