May 27, 2016

There’s almost nothing we love more than going on the hunt for the latest beauty news ... well, other than a three-day weekend, of course. So, before your run off to do what one does with an extra day off (pretty sure it involves cocktails), be sure to read up on these newsy tidbits that include nail salon warnings and a few of the most popular Pinterest makeup hacks!

makeup trends and beauty news

#1. From filthy work stations and dirty tools to bacteria-filled pedicure tubs, make sure you keep an eye out for these red flags when you book your next manicure appointment — because an infection isn’t worth that fresh gel set. (Refinery29) 

#2. You’ve heard of balayage, but have you seen the powers this hair-coloring technique possesses? The L.A. salon responsible for pioneering the term “lived-in” hair color shows us how sun-kissed hair is really done! (Byrdie)

#3. If you can’t leave the house without rocking a fierce cat eye, then we know you can relate to these struggles. *Always runs late, blames the cat eye* (Marie Claire)

#4. How many hours a day do you spend on Pinterest? Yeah, us too. We’re always searching for the next best beauty tip, trick or hack and you can find the 15 most popular ones right here. (Cosmopolitan)

#5. If “dull”, “dry” and “damaged” are all terms you use to describe the status of your strands, it’s time for you your hair to go to rehab. This 10-step program will whip your locks back into tip-top shape! (Harper’s Bazaar)

#6. We’re all for DIY beauty treatments, but there are some cases where it’s just best to leave it to a professional (e.g. cutting your own bangs!). Steer clear of giving yourself these 5 skin and hair treatments. Trust us, you’ll be glad you listened. (Pure Wow



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