Hey, ladies, it’s Fri-yay. And if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, we’re also bringing you a killer week of beauty news. From pro brow advice (hint: the bushier the better) to age-defying hairstyles, we’ve got the latest scoop on what’s making a splash in beauty.


Skincare Beauty Trends


Skincare Beauty Trends

Winter means colder temperatures and, unfortunately, flakes. Every beauty girl knows the surefire way to avoid this is exfoliation. But when it comes to exfoliating, how harsh is too harsh? And isn’t there something you should remember about those micro-beads? You’ve got questions, here are the answers. (Into The Gloss)



It’s the thing of every makeup lover’s nightmares—looking cakey. But who should you turn to in times of foundation trouble? A makeup artist, of course! Read on for pro tips on keeping your skin fresh. (Byrdie)



Some people have Cheetos, others have Twinkies. Our guilty pleasure? Long, hot showers. But this habit can take a toll on your skin, especially in the winter months. As colder weather approaches, find out what else you should be doing to keep your skin soft and smooth. (Nylon)



The new year is approaching and with it, endless rounds of “Can you believe it’s 2017?!”. If you’re feeling a little bit more, ahem, *mature* as the next year rolls around, use these the hairstyles that are guaranteed to take years off your face. (Refinery29)



If you’re asking us, it’s time they included “Cara Delevingne brows” in the dictionary. After all, bushy boy brows are the most sought-after beauty look of the moment. Here, brow pro Kristie Streicher—who’s responsible for some of the most beautiful arches around—gives her best tips. (Elle)



Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, post-acne scarring; these lingering effects of acne are sure to ruin anyone’s good hair day. But fear not! There are ways to get rid of these skin concerns. Who better to advise us than New York dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler? She advises on the benefits of sunscreen (obvi) and so much more.  (The Coveteur)



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