We know Christmas isn’t for another two days, but it’s never too early to start treating yourself, right? Consider this list of ultra-clickable links our pre-holiday gift to you. We’re hoping you’re able to find a nice, cozy fireplace to cuddle up to, where you can wrap yourself in your coziest winter blanket, and have the chance to get lost in a sea of makeup inspo that’s going to keep you warm in the weeks to come.

What’s the Deal with LED Beds?

Whether or not you’re into Sci-Fi (and no, we’re not sure if Westworld counts), you’re going to be into this LED bed. It’s about time someone told us what exactly is up with this futuristic facial, and it’s also about time we figured out where to sign up. (The Zoe Report)

11 #HairInspo Pics for That Winter Chop

If there’s one thing we know we can rely on, it’s that we can turn to the celebs of the moment for hair inspo. We’re not quite sure who first wore the choppy bob, but we have gone into the salon with a screenshot of Ruby Rose as an example of what we want. So, if you’re looking for a change, you’re in luck because these fresh cuts are giving us major hair inspo this winter. (Harper’s Bazaar)

So, Unicorn Eyeliner is a Thing Now

While we think all of our readers are perfect, magical, sparkly unicorns, we don’t normally make it a habit of recommending makeup that evokes these mythical creatures. But, as always, the internet is an unpredictable place, and has us doing just that. This craze, which involves drawing on winged-liner inspired by unicorn tails, has taken the internet by storm. And we don’t hate it. (Glamour)

Why Tinsel Also Belongs in Your Hair

Every New Year’s Eve, it feels like us versus the disco ball in a rivalry to see who can be the shiniest thing in the room. This year, we have just the thing to make sure you’re the most stiff competition. With nothing more than hairspray, gold foil, and a curling iron, you can try out hair foiling, a beauty craze that has ladies shining like the sun. (Refinery 29)

Nail Inspo That Has Us Seeing Stars

One of the best parts of the holiday season? Picking out your favorite wrapping paper to coat the awesome gifts you got for your girls. But what if you could have your favorite wrapping paper … on your nails? Ladies, we’re here to tell you it’s possible. From red moons to festive plaid, we’ve got the newest in holiday nail trends. (Elle)

Rainbow-Glitter Braids—Messy, but Magical

All beauty girls have a love/hate relationship with glitter. It’s the magical material that can instantly elevate your mood (and look!), but it’s also bound to turn your bathroom into a sparkly mess. Still, we can’t resist any glitter trend that comes our way, and glitter braids created by stylist Nikki Lee are just what we needed to break out as the New Year approaches. (Refinery 29)


What beauty trend are you going to take with you into 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

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