Diana Crisan Aug 10, 2015

The beauty struggle is real. So real, in fact, that we had to point some of them out.  Because hey, sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep yourself from crying. But really, don’t do either. You’ll just ruin your makeup.

Common Beauty Problems

1. If you’re going to attempt a cat eye, you might as well call in late to wherever you’re going. Mistakes are going to happen … your eyeliner can sense fear.

2. Removing the polish from one nail because it chipped and forgetting to reapply it. No polish on your index finger is a trend now, right?

3. To wash your hair, or not to wash your hair. That is the question …

4. You've tried every beauty trick in the book to keep lipstick from getting on your teeth. And somehow it always ends up migrating there. 

5. Going “a little” overboard with your brow pencil. Great, now you have to start all over.

6. Applying makeup in a rush and realizing what you really look like five important meetings later. Wait, did I apply this in the dark?

7. You just washed your face and now your friends want to go out. Please reference beauty problem #1.

8. Your coworker just asked if she can borrow your hair tie … and it’s your last one. *Hunger Games-like thoughts ensue*

9. When your mascara wand turns on you and decides to poke you in the nose. Annnd now you have to reapply your foundation.

10. Waiting for your nails to dry. Can’t go to bed. Can’t go to the bathroom. Can’t change the channel.

11. Constantly being asked “Is that a hickey?!” … Nope, just a burn from my flat iron!

12. Your white towels are no longer white. Time to double, maybe triple cleanse?

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