May 1, 2017

In the makeup world, products that shine the brightest are typically, well, the brightest. Vivid lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes always seem to catch our eyes and hold our attention. But we would like to sing the praises of an unsung makeup hero that literally saves the day on a regular basis: Dermablend Setting Powder. Find out why this basic little powder is like fairy dust for our faces.

Dermablend Setting Powder

Flawless Finish

We know that setting powder may not seem like the sexiest thing on the makeup menu, but believe us when we say this Dermablend product is a game-changer. The final component to our makeup routine, this translucent powder locks-in foundation and concealer (without smudging or fading it in any way) and lends skin a flawless, “Photoshopped” look. The lightweight finish naturally blurs the skin and make our complexion look virtually pore-free. Um, yes please!

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Staying Power

As if perfect-looking skin wasn’t enough, setting powder also helps us cut-down on our reapplication. This über-effective Dermablend formula serves as an electrical fence for our makeup, protecting it from any fading and smudging that could occur. And we’re not just talking two or three hours of on-duty makeup guarding. Oh no, this formula lasts for up 16 hours. Now that’s a power player.



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