Editor's Picks: Our Flavor of the Week

As much as we love to experiment with all kinds of makeup products and techniques on a daily basis (hey, it’s a part of our job!), there are some products that we find ourselves turning to again and again and again! That’s certainly the case with the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, a lippie so versatile that it became an instant fave the second our pals at NYX sent them over for the Makeup.com team to try. Liquid Suede had a cult following before it made its way into our hearts, but we’ll tell you why the seriously cool lipstick deserves a spot in every girl’s beauty arsenal.

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The Colors

Ladies love having options when it comes to lipstick colors, and NYX Liquid Suede is pretty much as good as it gets. Boasting 12 colors ranging from the light pink Tea & Cookies shade to the sultry, plum-colored Vintage, each color in the Liquid Suede line is drastically different from one another and equally beautiful. The mauve-nude Soft Spoken shade looks amazing on fair, medium and dark skin tones and is perfect for daily wear. There’s also an ultra-vampy deep grey shade called Stone Fox for those days you're feeling daring.

The Texture

They don’t call this Liquid Suede for nothing! We’ve been mad about matte lipstick for a while now, so this lippie’s smooth, liquid-to-matte texture is definitely on par with our favorite lipstick trend of the moment. The texture is rich but lightweight, and the matte finish gives your pout the dry look without parching your lips. Can you say win-win?

The Price

We’re not shy about splurging on luxe makeup, but there’s something extra special about finding an affordable lipstick that looks expensive. At under $10, NYX Liquid Suede is easily one of the best drugstore liquid matte lipsticks on the market, giving you even more reason to collect both the natural and bold shades. If you end up wearing it as much as we do (and we know you will), you’ll be glad your new favorite lipstick costs less than that salad you had for lunch.  



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