Feb 10, 2016

Every girl has a facial feature she is particularly obsessed with, and by obsessed we mean it’s either a point of frustration or a point of pride. It’s safe to say that, lately, the team at has been united under one particular facial feature: brows. The quest for full, shaped (and even slightly bushy) brows has been an intense one, as we’ve all swapped stories and tips on how we got our brows to the current state they’re in. Trust us, it wasn’t easy. One thing is for certain: Products are key. That’s why our discovery of the new Urban Decay Brow Tamer was a complete game-changer. Find out why we all fell head over heels for this little miracle worker.

Brow Tamer

It Has Flexible Hold 

The downside of using brow gels and mascaras is that they often make your brows stiff and crunchy. The whole point of the full-brow movement is to take your brows back to a more natural, free state (sans the crunch). Brow Tamer’s innovative formula is so lightweight that there is no stickiness or stiffness. Your brows are held in place … but you’ll also look like you woke up with them like that. Um, yes please!

It’s a One-Swipe Wonder 

Let’s be honest. We’re all busy ladies with places to go and people to see. While we love our brows, we also don’t always have time to sit there and shape and fill them until the cows come home. The Brow Tamer is perfect for the girl on-the-go in that with just a swipe or two you’ve got great color and control. So, you can be out the door in two minutes … literally. 



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