By now we know all about specific makeup items you should never share with your friends, but swapping products extends far beyond your fave lipstick and mascara wand. While it may be hard to say “no” to your fellow beauty-loving gal pal (or guy pal!), the risks that come along with swapping these essentials far outweighs the rewards. Ahem, two pink eyes are never better than one. So, tell your bff to back away from the lash curler


Applicators: Brushes, sponges, wands, oh my! Any kind of applicator or beauty tool that comes in direct contact with your skin, eyes or lips should be dubbed solely yours, as they can become a source of infections. This includes your lash curler, lip gloss wand, liner smudging tool and beauty blender, ladies!

Mani/Pedi Tools: Sharing your nail buffer, file or clipper may seem harmless, but if you accidentally clip your skin, you and your friends are now entering nail fungus territory…yikes!

Hair Brush: Taming your strands with anyone else’s hairbrush puts you at risk for catching critters! That’s right — lice isn’t just a childhood issue, so the next time your have an updo party, BYOB (bring your own brush)!

All Eye Makeup: Seriously, all of it. Your eyeliner, mascara and even shadows can all put you at risk of bacteria or (the VERY contagious) conjunctivitis … aka pinkeye! Even if you don’t physically see the virus, that doesn’t mean it isn’t brewing.

Moisturizer Jars: Think about it. Unless you’re spooning out cream in portions, you’re dipping and re-dipping your fingers into the pot. And even with clean hands, bacteria is still in the picture. Sharing germs doesn’t sound so appealing, does it? Especially when it comes to something as important as keeping your complexion clear.

Shower Essentials: Sometimes you need to crash at a friend’s house and wake up in the morning looking, well, like a mess. A shower is sure to cure your crazy bedhead, just resist the urge to reach for someone else’s loofah, bar of soap, or heaven forbid, their razor or a staph infection could be calling your name!

Facial Cleansing Brush: Your guy might pick it up out of curiosity and try to give himself a deep cleanse. Okay, your best girlfriend is more likely to try and give it a whirl — whatever the case may be, this Clarisonic is YOURS. Staph bacteria is spread from skin-to-skin contact, so if you must share with a roomie, get your own brush head.

Are you guilty of sharing any of these beauty products with your pals? ‘Fess up in the comments below! 

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