Angela Melero Feb 4, 2016

It’s Friday night and you told your boyfriend you’re just gonna relax, watch a little Netflix and go to bed early. Yes, you will do all these things … and tack on a few extra tasks that you’d rather not share with the class. Us ladies know the value of a quiet night in. It holds the promise of taking care of some essential beauty tasks that are too weird to mention to the opposite sex (and even our friends at times). Here are some of the things we’re really doing when we say we’re “laying low”:

Weird Beauty Things You Do When You're Alone

1. Bleaching or Waxing the Upper Lip 

OK, thick white paste on your upper lip is not exactly the cutest look in the world, but it’s definitely a necessary evil for us ladies who aren’t partial to mustaches. It takes some effort to make our faces look smooth and flawless! And, we have to admit, there’s a weird satisfaction that comes with rinsing off that bleach or yanking that wax off our lips to  reveal a pretty, hair-free face

2. Shaving Toes, Belly & Other Weird Places 

Let us reiterate the need for necessary evils as a means to keeping our face and body hair-free. And we all know that hair growth is not dedicated to our heads, arms and legs. Oh, no. Hair is a sneaky little traveler, popping up in some strange places like our bellies and toes. So, in the name of being as hairless as possible, we take a razor to those random areas … in the privacy of our own homes, of course.

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3. Zeroing In on Blackheads 

Most of us are not blessed with flawless complexions. We all have some sort of skin issue that we must address on a regular basis, whether it be dryness, acne, oil or redness. That being said, blackheads are a universal issue that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. These ugly little things make themselves known with their stark black color and tendencies to plant themselves in highly visible areas like our noses, chins and foreheads. It is our duty to declare war on these complexion destroyers and take every opportunity to rid our faces of them. So, if you see us rocking those weird-looking pore strips or clay face masks, just know we’re doing our duty.

4. Clipping the Toenails

Pretty pink pedicures don’t just magically appear overnight. Just like fingernails, toes require some serious clipping and filing before we top them off with polish. And, while clipping your toes over your toilet seat or trashcan is not exactly the ideal “selfie pose”, it MUST be done.

5. Trying Out Unusual (& Smelly) DIY Concoctions 

Beauty doesn’t always come in a rose-scented jar. And as beauty addicts, we’re total suckers for those unusual home remedies and DIY concoctions that are rumored to transform your skin, but smell totally awful. Egg white masks, apple cider vinegar and mint, avocado facial treatments — we’ve tried them all and our faces are better because of them. Thanks, Mother Nature.

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