We’ve all been there – one day you wake up and you can’t remember the last time you switched up your mascara/blush/lipstick combo or deviated from your standard straight-as-a-pin ‘do. You, our friend, have fallen into a beauty rut. Luckily, this disorder can be treated swiftly and the remedies are painless (consider yourself lucky). Read on for our tips and get ready to snap out of your beauty rut, stat. 

beauty rut
1. Putting on makeup is starting to feel like a chore.
Solution: When was the last time you got that familiar little thrill from opening your eyeshadow palette or applying a fresh layer of lipstick? If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to switch things up. Take a trip to the makeup counter or lose yourself in beauty boards on Pinterest for inspiration.  

2. Your friends refer to your signature beauty look as “the messy morning-after.
Solution: Major stress from life and work have prevented you from spending any time updating your beauty routine. Instead of resorting to your go-to undone bun and swipe of mascara yet again, try these tips to save time in your morning routine and still look polished.  

3. You’ve resorted to using a lip brush to scrape up every last remnant of your favorite lip color.
Solution: We get it – your signature lip color has been with you through some tough times. That doesn’t mean it should be the only lipstick you have on rotation. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest and try a pretty Radiant Orchid stain or even a super-flattering nude. One swipe and you’ll feel like a new person.  

4. Your makeup routine is so predictable, you could do it while you’re asleep – and sometimes you do.

Solution: It’s halfway through the work day and you realize that you barely remember putting on your makeup this morning because it’s become such a part of your routine. Give new life to your beauty process by waking up 5 minutes earlier and trying a new look at least once this week. Whether it’s an upgrade to your basic braid or a new way to wear colored eyeliner, a little beauty shakeup never hurt anyone.  

5. You’ve actually used up an entire bottle of polish...and am considering buying another one in the same color
Solution: We’re going to put a stop to this right now – your nails deserve better. Sure, finding a polish you love is never a bad thing, but by no means does that mean you should ignore all of the other gorgeous colors, textures and sparkles out there just begging to grace your digits.  

6. You’re still using the same skincare routine as you were in high school.
Solution: You’ve changed since high school (thank goodness), so what makes you think your skin hasn’t? Newsflash: it has. Read our guide on the right skincare routine for each decade of your life and update your skin products, stat.  

7. You get offered a free makeover and feel anxiety.
Solution: One word of advice – if you’re offered a free makeover, take it. Sure, you might reach for your makeup-removing wipes right afterwards, but you might also discover a whole new way to wear your eyeshadow, or a peachy blush that sculpts model-status cheekbones out of thin air.  

8. You haven’t attempted a hairstyle other than a ponytail for as long as you can remember.
Solution: We get it – we love the ease of looping your hair through an elastic just as much as you do. But beware of falling into the ponytail rut – not only can it lead to hair breakage, but there’s a world of braids, buns and 'dos out there that will take your locks to the next level.  

Have you ever fallen in a beauty rut? What do you do to snap out of one?
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