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beauty secrets 

Here at MDC we’re not the best at keeping secrets. If there’s a new beauty lesson unveiled or a free piece of product to snatch up, it won’t go unreported on our watch. And because of this tendency to blab (we prefer the word share, thank you very much) we decided to bring you five of our ultimate beauty secrets that every woman should know. Consider them 5 classic tips that hold true no matter what look you’re going for. 

1. You Can Plump Your Pout Naturally: We don’t have to tell you this, but naturally plush, pillowy lips were not bestowed on all of us. The good news is, even if your pout leaves a lot to the imagination it can easily be altered with a couple of tricks. First, line your lips slightly beyond your natural lip line with a nude liner. Don’t go crazy this—we’re not going for an Octomom look.  Next, add a shimmery gloss to the center of your lips, top and bottom. This attracts light to your lips, making them look pouty and plush. 

MDC Recommends: Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Des Lervres Lip Liner in Nude Beige; Lancôme Juicy Tubes Smoothie Ultra Shiny Lipgloss; Kate Somerville Quench & Correct Plumping Gloss and Restorative Lip Treatment   

2. Color is Buildable: Many women look at bold colors and think, “that’s way too much for me,” but the reality is, any color can work if you build slowly. If you’re intimidated by red lipstick, apply and then blot it off slightly, making the color more of a stain, or opt for a sheerer version of the color you love. If that dark purple eyeshadow seems too intense for you, apply it lightly, just along the lash line to start, and apply more color the braver you feel. Still nervous? Take a deep breath and check out these three makeup artist tips for the color shy.   

3. Clean Tools Equal Clear Skin: If you’ve been keeping up with MDC, you know that brushes and sponges are a great way to apply your face makeup. But, like your hands, these tools can carry bacteria if they’re not cleaned properly, depositing dirt directly onto your face. Bottom line: keep your tools in tip top shape to keep your skin clear and makeup application seamless. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a guide on how to clean all of your makeup tools.   

4. Gorgeous Lashes are Within Reach: While some the formula of some mascaras may be more magical than others, part of the equation for standout lashes is application. The key is to keep the thickness at the base of the lashes, and taper naturally at the ends, as opposed to thick, chunky ends. To make that happen, wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes then sweep outward and upward gently. 

MDC Recommends: Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara; Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara; Giorgio Armani Soft Lash Mascara     

5. Manicures Can Stand the Test of Time: While proper polish application is key to a long lasting manicure, we also like to apply a thin layer of clear polish every couple of days to prevent chipping. If your color has already chipped don’t think you need to remove it right away—here are five ways to revive your manicure

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