May 13, 2010
French Vogue has a thing for supermodel Daria Werbowy—and so do we. In the May issue (which was guest edited by new Lancôme Trésor ambassador Penélope Cruz), she makes glitter makeup look downright seductive in a gorgeous shoot with makeup by Lancôme artistic director Aaron de Mey (check out the photos above and below). Now our French is spotty, but we were able to loosely translate the text on the story's opening page, which explains that the concept is makeup looks for tan vs pale skin, taken to party-girl extremes (we didn't need any explanations to pick up on that point!). For the tan look, the makeup includes sparkling emerald eyes and ruby lips; for fair skin, it's shimmery violet shadow and a magenta mouth. It all has a slightly 1970's hedonistic quality, but that's why we love it. Sure, you're probably not going to drench your lips in red glitter, but over-the-top beauty shoots like this one aren't meant to be copied literally. They're meant to remind us that makeup is playful, provocative, and, above all, a way to express your mood. It's funny how many women will throw on a pair of hot pink stilettos without a second thought, but ask them to swipe on a hot pink lipstick, and they balk, saying it's far too flashy. So, take a cue from these beautiful photos and try wearing an unexpected color on your eyes or lips the next time you're heading out at night. At the very least, it will capture people's attention! And for a behind-the-scenes look at the French Vogue shoot with Daria and Aaron, check out this video: PHOTOS FROM FRENCH VOGUE


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