Beauty means something different to everyone, and we’re on a quest to find out why. This week we’re profiling Nakawunde, member of the Mizani Texture Squad and a super-chic French girl.

When did you start wearing makeup?

I started wearing real makeup when I was about 13 years old.

What was your first makeup product — would you still use it today?

My first makeup product was mascara; I remember being mesmerised by it. Yes, I definitely still use it – daily!

Fave makeup product right now?

My favourite makeup product is still mascara; I guess I can’t get rid of my first love.

The one product you can't live without?

I don’t think I can live without a face powder, thanks to my occasionally oily T-zone.


Your beauty philosophy in 8 words or less.

Beauty on the outside changes; just embrace it.


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Tell us a little bit about your hair? Is it your baby or just a thing on top of your head?

My hair is like my ice-breaker. If I walk into a room particularly with my big afro, it announces my arrival and usually gets someone to start a conversation with me. As an introverted person, I need it sometimes. So yes, in a way it is my baby because I make sure I look after it, give it a lot of attention, and talk about it frequently.

What’s your go-to product? Go-to hairstyle?

One of my go-to products is MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk, because it has so many uses and the ingredients are great for my hair.

My go-to hairstyle is an updo with flat-twists because it’s quick, easy and an elegant protective style.

What’s your relationship with your hair? Has it always been your fave or has it been hard to love?

I used to hate my hair because I looked different from most of the other girls that I grew up with. But with age came acceptance, so now I celebrate my texture and I enjoy my hair’s versatility.

How does your hair impact the way you view yourself? Does it make you feel more confident or beautiful?

My hair makes me view myself as unique. I think my hair has taught me how to love myself more.


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Craziest hair story (wild dye job, crazy undercut, etc.)

I was once booked for a modelling campaign for a hair brand promoting the launch of new products. My hair was washed, blow dried and straightened every day for four days by different stylists to achieve the various looks needed. I was a new model so I trusted these hairstylists, who obviously didn’t communicate with each other as to what had been done the day before. I hoped my hair would survive. It didn’t. I ended up with a full head of heat damage. Three years later, my hair is back to its natural texture and thankfully it has grown longer. But more importantly I’ve learnt how to speak up for myself particularly when heat is involved!

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