There are certain things that are guaranteed to irk me, and I’m in a ranting kind of mood. Read my list of beauty pet peeves, then tell us yours—because sometimes you just have to vent! #1 D.I.Y. mani-pedis gone awry Tiny bubbles! Streaks! Gloppiness! Three little reminders that sometimes it’s worth it to pay a pro to get the job done right. #2 Women doing full-on makeup application on the subway I can let a quick swipe of lipstick slide, but when I see someone putting on concealer, three different eye shadows, mascara—the works—it really gets under my skin. Call me old fashioned, but men don’t need to know what we ladies really do to look prettier. Let’s keep some of our beauty rituals to ourselves, Ok? #3 Clipping of fingernails or plucking of eyebrows in public This is kind of like number two, only grosser. Removal of hair and nails out in the open is just wrong. #4 Fragrance spritzers at department stores I know, I know, they’re just doing their jobs. But on a busy sale day they’re in my way when I just want to get to the shoes. Not to mention I don’t want to be stuck wearing a scent that reeks on my skin all day. #5 Rainy weather on the day of my hair appointment How does Mother Nature always seem to know when I have a blowout scheduled? And why does she hate me? #6 Clumpy mascara It’s frustrating when I get all excited to try a new mascara, only to find that the stuff gives me tarantula lashes. Bummer. #7 Running out of shampoo before I finish the conditioner I can’t bring myself to use a mismatched set, so I’ll either dump what’s left of the conditioner into a travel bottle or use it to shave my legs. #8 Foundation “mask” It’s that noticeable outline some women get when they’re wearing a makeup shade that doesn’t match their skin tone. If I were their friend, I would gently suggest checking the color in natural light. Instead, I cringe in silence. #9 Accidentally messing up a nail as I’m walking out of the salon This is probably more annoying to the manicurist, but it does require sitting under the dryer again for one freakin’ nail. #10 Pimples Need I say more? Now it’s your turn: What’s your beauty pet peeve? Sound off in the comments section below. 


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